• Juan Hernandez

    The Inertia for Good Editor

    For years, Juan abstained from using the word bro. Now he's just making up for lost time. He doesn't trust anyone who wears booties in the summer and believes country music is ... Read more

  • Elmo Hernandez


    Elmo Hernández hails from Asturias, on Spain’s north coast. He started taking pictures with a compact camera, and as soon as he was able to save enough money, acquired a reflex ... Read more

  • Ben Herrgott


    Born at the bottom of the French Alps, bread far from the sea, and always loved having some kind of adventures in the mountains, forests, backcountry…Ben Hergott was diagnosed wi... Read more

  • Matt Hershberger


    Matt is a writer and blogger based in Washington, DC who has lived in London, Buenos Aires, and Beijing. His hobbies include profanity, Scotch consumption, and human rights activis... Read more

  • Edgar Hertwich

    Professor in Industrial Ecology, Yale University

    Edgar Hertwich's research focuses on understanding how economic production and consumption activity utilizes natural resources and gives rise to pollution and other impacts. He stu... Read more

  • Christopher Hess


    Christopher Hess is the author of Sandy Scream and Shout and Where Tigers Rest at Midnight. A lifelong surfer raised on Long Beach Island, NJ, Chris studied journalism at NYU and h... Read more

  • Frosty Hesson


    When Northern California surf legend Richard “Frosty” Hesson was first approached by young Jay Moriarity in 1990, the skinny 12-year-old kid with a sparkle in his eye only want... Read more

  • Dylan Heyden

    Associate Editor

    Dylan is a native of Huntington Beach, California. He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of San Diego and a master's in international relations from New York University... Read more

  • Vince Hickman


    Vince Hickman is a New Jersey based surf video blogger who can be found chasing waves, his five year old son, or his beautiful wife. The explosion in new video technology has allow... Read more

  • Alex Hickman

    Surf Holidays Travel Expert

    Born and raised on the beaches of North Devon, Alex is never far from the ocean. Having traveled and lived in countries from Indonesia to Norway, Alex is now in the deepest reaches... Read more