• Spence Hornby


    Spence has been shooting for about 10 years, but it's only been in the last six years or so that he began contributing to various surf publications and developed a cliental. He's n... Read more

  • Luke Horner

    Luke grew up surfing, paddling, and sailing in Hawaiʻi. His passion is ocean photography. He is always in the water at sunrise or sunset with aquatic camera gear in hand, waiting ... Read more

  • Tammy Horton

    Lecturer in Taxonomy & Biodiversity, University of Southampton

    I am a lecturer at the University of Southampton and a researcher studying deep-sea taxonomy and biodiversity at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. I am also the manage... Read more

  • Ben Horton

    Photographer, Professional Wanderer

    Ben Horton has based his career on Adventure. From thousands of feet underwater to the most remote regions in the arctic, his passion is using photography as a means to inspire pe... Read more

  • Craig Hoshide

    Longtime ASP/ISA Judge

    Craig Hoshide has worked as a judge for the ASP, ISA, Surfing America, NSSA, and HASA surf organizations. He was a Head Judge for the Hawaii Surfing Federation and NSSA on Kauai fr... Read more

  • Chris Hough

    Owner/CEO, The Surfboard Warehouse

    Chris Hough is the Founder and Owner/CEO of The Surfboard Warehouse. Online surf retail is all he’s ever known. The Surfboard Warehouse be... Read more

  • Nick Hounsfield

    Founder of The Wave

    Founder of The Wave, Nick and his team are delivering inland surfing destinations to the UK, Europe and beyond. His background in healthcare gave seed to a vision of using surfing ... Read more

  • Patrick Hourihan


    Patrick lives and works in Los Angeles where he spends his time cruising and surfing the California coast, although he was raised on the sunny shores and empty golf courses of Nort... Read more

  • Justin Housman


    Justin Housman grew up surfing in Morro Bay, on California's central coast, which is paradoxically the best place and the worst place on the planet to be a surfer. After earning a... Read more

  • Terry Houston


    Hawaii-based professional photographer, Terry Houston, travels the globe capturing stunning images of surf and majestic surroundings.... Read more