• Emerson Huuk


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  • Jorge Ibáñez

    Photographer and filmaker from South of Spain

    My name is Jorge Ibañez, and I was born and raised in Cádiz, a town in southern Spain. Since I was young, I have always been really close to the beach and the ocean, and together... Read more

  • Cody Iddings


    Cody Iddings, an island boy from Kauai, currently resides in San Diego as a designer at Digital Telepathy. He spends his free time searc... Read more

  • Bryan Iguchi


    Bryan Iguchi was born and raised in Southern California. He grew up riding Snow Summit in the heat of snowboarding’s up rise, and was a key element to the progression of man made... Read more

  • Tom Iliffe

    Professor of Marine Biology, Texas A&M University

    Tom Iliffe's research concerns investigations of the biology of submarine caves, an environment only accessible through use of specialized cave diving technology. He has discovered... Read more

  • Tobias Ilsanker


    Photography inspires me to live in the creative moment. A fascination for perspectives about stories and emotions in nature, surf and lifestyle! See more from Tobias at his webs... Read more

  • Ali Imran K.


    Ali Imran K. is a novice surfer, but has submitted completely to the call of the ocean. When he isn't trying to ride a wave (emphasis on “trying”), he can be found indulging in... Read more

  • Mike Incitti


    It's important for me to constantly be trying new things and setting goals for myself. I think that every time you accomplish something you set your mind to, you gain confidence in... Read more

  • The Inertia

    Distributor of Ideas

    TheInertia.com features insightful commentary from the global surf community’s most prominent and thoughtful figures. TheInertia.com also aims to make sustainable impacts on the ... Read more

  • Borja Irastorza

    Borja was born in San Sebastian, Basque Country, and since finishing school, he has been bouncing around the globe working in the surfing industry. He's been busy gaining experienc... Read more