• Mike Incitti


    It's important for me to constantly be trying new things and setting goals for myself. I think that every time you accomplish something you set your mind to, you gain confidence in... Read more

  • The Inertia

    Distributor of Ideas

    TheInertia.com features insightful commentary from the global surf community’s most prominent and thoughtful figures. TheInertia.com also aims to make sustainable impacts on the ... Read more

  • Borja Irastorza

    Borja was born in San Sebastian, Basque Country, and since finishing school, he has been bouncing around the globe working in the surfing industry. He's been busy gaining experienc... Read more

  • Flynn Ironmonger


    My name is Flynn Ironmonger. I'm 15-years-old, I'm from Perth, I've set myself a life goal: to show people something new. For me this goal hasn't been achieved yet. I don't know wh... Read more

  • Abdellah Issoug

    Surf Camp Owner

    I have over 10 years experience of providing surf lessons and surf guiding to tourists coming to Morocco and I also set up the Surf Association which provides lessons to local chil... Read more

  • Iwa Izydora


    The girl behind the lens... Iwa Izydora is an action sports and travel filmmaker who earned her BFA at Otis College of Art & Design. She has traveled the world to the best surf... Read more

  • Graham J.C. Underwood

    Professor of Marine and Freshwater Biology, University of Essex

    I am a marine and freshwater biologist, particularly interested in the the interactions between microbes (algae and bacteria), nutrient and element cycling, and how these 'bottom u... Read more

  • Jack McCoy


    Jack "Jake" McCoy Jr. is an internationally recognized surfing photographer, writer, director, producer, and cinematographer creating 25 highly successful films on surfing in a lif... Read more

  • Miles Jackler


    Miles was born and raised in Northern California with a lust for exploration and travel. Living far from the coast and any drop of surf culture, he picked up a love of photography ... Read more

  • Georgi Jackson-Gehrke

    Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach

    Georgi is a certified personal trainer/fitness instructor and wellness coach. She ispassionate about fitness, wellness, and nutrition and loves working with athletes who aspire t... Read more