• Gretta Kruesi

    Surfer/ Kiteboarder/ Artist/ Model

    Gretta is a surfer, US kiteboarding team rider for Naish, model, artist and entrepreneur. This past year she was named one of the 10 most influential girl kitesurfers in the world ... Read more

  • Justin Krumb

    President, The Saltwater Collective

    Emmy Award winning filmmaker Justin Krumb is the founder and president of The Saltwater Collective and RoughCuts Productions (RCP) and a producer-director with a focus on feature d... Read more

  • Ryan Kuja


    Ryan Kuja is a writer, photographer, and global community development specialist currently finishing up graduate school in Seattle, Washington. Previously, he studied at the Univer... Read more

  • Flori Kummer

    Orthopedic Surgeon/River Surfer

    Flori Kummer is an orthopedic surgeon and part of a little crew from Munich called FUS CREW, which formed around the Eisbach River wave. Some years ago they won the Nike chosen vid... Read more

  • Nick Kunzer


    Nick Kunzer is a 22-year-old competitive surfer and recent graduate in Biochemistry at the University of California at San Diego. He’s currently balancing a life of research at t... Read more

  • Oliver Kurtz

    Pro Surfer

    Oliver Kurtz is from Vero Beach, Florida, with Sebastian Inlet being the local stomping grounds. He currently is considered a "pro surfer," which can be translated into marketing a... Read more

  • Kim Kuznitz

    Pilates Instructor

    Kim Kuznitz was the founder / owner of BENT Pilates Studio from 2003-2015, master Pilates instructor, surfer and creator of the Surfilates™ technique. Her passion for surfing spa... Read more

  • Stephane Lacasa


    Award-winning photographer Stephane Lacasa was born in France in 1971. He moved to the North Shore of Maui (Hawaii) from the Reunion Island in 1990 . In the early 90’s, he made a... Read more

  • Christian LaCuesta


    Having grown up skateboarding and surfing in Northern California, I'm drawn to the action sports side of photography. The amount of passion, pain, and devotion athletes endure in... Read more

  • Dr. Ben Lacy

    Surf Psychology Contributor

    Dr. Ben Lacy is a board-certified adult psychiatrist, child and adolescent psychiatrist, surfer (26 years), family man (5 years) and writer. After graduating medical school in 2002... Read more