• Lars Jacobsen


    Lars Jacobsen, 30, is a freelance journalist and photographer from Hamburg, Germany. His photos and texts have appeared in several major publications around the globe. But his port... Read more

  • Brad Jacobson

    Photographer / Videographer

    Brad Jacobson is an editorial and commercial photographer/ videographer. Photography is his calling, his profession, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive him insane. Bradâ... Read more

  • Josh Jacoby


    Josh Jacoby grew up in Media, PA just outside of Philly. He spent most of his time skating, but discovered that falling on concrete in the dead of winter takes a toll on the body. ... Read more

  • Ryan Jaleh

    Strategy Consultant/Surfer

    Ryan is a Strategy Consultant specializing in predictive analytics and quantitative marketing for an international management consulting firm. Prior to management consulting, Ryan... Read more

  • Aaron James

    Writer & Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Irvine

    Aaron James holds a PhD from Harvard and is a professor of philosophy at the University of California, Irvine. He is the author of Read more

  • Blake Jamieson

    Author/Social Media Marketer/Surfer

    Blake Jamieson was born in San Francisco, California and started surfing in high school at Fort Cronkhite. After graduating from UC Davis (which also meant a 5 year hiatus from sur... Read more

  • Benoit Jammes

    I'm a 35 years old graphic designer living in Paris. I love sushi and I hate wet socks. I don't have any art-school background but all kind of creativity has always attracted me.... Read more

  • Sean Jansen

    ... Read more

  • Kevin Jansen


    I'm 21 years old from Lomita, California. I'm a photographer and cinematographer. My hope is to use a camera to show people the world the way I see it through my eyes. I take 35mm ... Read more

  • Charlotte Janz

    Charlotte Janz is a journalist from Germany (originally) who swears that she finds the best stories while traveling. So, she convinced the newspaper she works for as a web editor t... Read more

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