• David Jones

    PhD Researcher, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth

    After a successful military career, I retired to pursue business and environmental interests. I joined the 'Plastic Oceans Foundation' in 2009 where I worked as a science and susta... Read more

  • Hunter Jones


    Hunter Joneslives in Westchester, California and is in love with surfing and video editing. Growing up with the ocean only being 15 minutes from his house, there was no escaping th... Read more

  • Annie Jones

    Annie Jones is the main person behind the BoostBodyFit. She started off a bit on the chubby side, but went through the transformation and no... Read more

  • Chris Jones

    Tour Manager

    Chris Jones grew up in and around the Washington, DC area and has been involved in music since his days as a student at the University of Virginia. He has played bass in a number ... Read more

  • Thor Jonsson


    Thor Jonsson's photographic work has been presented both at Fotografiska Museet - Stockholm, and The Annenberg Space for Photography - Los Angeles, of which in 2010, he was chosen ... Read more

  • Tyerell Jordaan


    Tyerell's interest in photography began when he sought to capture the amazing moments and places he traveled to. As a surfer, it was only natural to begin taking photos of the ocea... Read more

  • Morgan Jouquand

    After being trained as a multimedia graphic designer and having worked in a communication agency, I become a freelance art director.I get my inspiration from my travels, urban cult... Read more

  • Peter Jovic

    I've been into surfing and photography for most of my life. I live in Margaret River with my young family, shooting from both land and water - although water photography has been a... Read more

  • Eric Joyce

    Editor & Photographer, Swell Lines Magazine

    Eric Joyce is a co-editor and water photographer for Swell Lines Magazine. He is driven to experience the raw energy of the Ocean through bodysurfing. His roots run to the green wa... Read more

  • Romain Juchereau


    An independent photographer and filmmaker from the southwest of France, Romain Jechereau started shooting and filming when he was 14 years old and always been interested in how we ... Read more