• Amy Lambert

    Average Surfer/Founder, MellowWaves.com

    After nearly ten years of surfing, Amy considers herself to be an ok surfer. One wave was all it took and she's still as stoked as when she caught that very first wave. A huge fan... Read more

  • Zach Lana

    Surfer / student / USC Surf Team Captain

    Zach is 21 years young and was born and raised in San Diego, CA. He is a senior at USC double majoring in Business and Applied Math; he's also the captain of the USC Surf Team.... Read more

  • Matt Landon


    My name is Matt Landon, born and raised in good old Ocean City, MD. We get about three months of craziness here: no waves and surf beaches as packed as a sardine can. That's summer... Read more

  • Rick Landon


    A 49-year-old surfer from Ocean City, Maryland, Rick is also a body boarder, wave skier, health advocate and father of two.... Read more

  • Tripp Lanier

    Men's Coach/Host, The New Man Podcast

    Tripp Lanier is a men’s coach and host of The New Man Podcast. He coaches and teaches men a... Read more

  • Aubrey Lao

    Photographer / Surfer

    I’ve always been a lover of the ocean, and being out in the sun and sand. I fell for surfing hard just a few years ago, into the depths of absolute surfing stoke. I made it a poi... Read more

  • David Lappin


    David Lappin resides in Orange County and swears that it really is not like the television show. He has a degree in English from UCLA. He is proficient in Excel, Microsoft Word, an... Read more

  • Victoria Larnach


    Victoria Larnach was born and raised in the East Bay, California and has lived in San Diego for the past 6 years. Always a bit of a fish when it comes to anything to do with the wa... Read more

  • Thomas Larney Jr.

    Surfer / Filmmaker / Photographer

    Tommy was born and raised at the Jersey Shore in a small bay front town 10 minutes south of Seaside Heights and north of Long Beach Island. He began surfing at the age of 12 and ha... Read more

  • Granger Larsen

    Professional Surfer

    Airwalk team athlete and pro surfer, Granger Larsen has been placing at world class surf events since he was 15. A six-time NSSA National Champion, Granger, 22, is one of the most ... Read more