• Jay Killvan


    Jay Killvan is a surfer from Cronulla, Australia. With pursuits ranging from journalism, various design disciplines and photography, he is often sleep deprived. A desire for raw ad... Read more

  • Donggi Kim

    Surfer/Filmmaker, 38 Productions

    My love for film actually started with my love for surfing. When I was in the ocean I just felt pure joy. Nothing else mattered. I guess I started taking pictures of my friends and... Read more

  • Yoon Kim


    Yoon is a freelance journalist who writes for SNEWS, The Outdoor Retailer Daily, Retailing Today, Gear Junkie, and many more. He covers active and outdoorsy beats as well as the bu... Read more

  • Chris Kimura


    Chris has been a Cardiff/Encinitas resident since 1978. He went to San Dieguito High School and then onto Long Beach State. Chris believes that no one is exempt from adversity in... Read more

  • Benedict King

    PhD candidate in vertebrate paleontology, Flinders University

    I am a PhD student at Flinders University, South Australia. My current research involves investigating the early history of vertebrates by studying fossils. A major focus is using ... Read more

  • Peter King

    PhD in Economics, University of Bath

    PhD student in the University of Bath Department of Economics. Research interests: Environmental policy, pollution abatement and market-based instruments.... Read more

  • Andrew King

    Climate Extremes Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne

    I'm a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne interested in climate extremes and their attribution to human-induced climate change.... Read more

  • Tom Kingwell

    Originally from Cape Town, these days I'm living and working as a teacher in Germany. My last surf was on a charter in Madagascar...in August 2015...sad, I know. In the meantime... Read more

  • Steven Kinsey

    Assistant Professor of Psychology, West Virginia University

    Steven Kinsey is a biomedical researcher with specialized training in behavioral neuroscience. His strong research interests in modulating stress, inflammation, and emotionality mo... Read more

  • Zak Kipp

    The Inertia Photo Intern

    Living an hour away from the beach is hard when you want to make it in the surf industry. So whenever there is swell in the water, Zak Kipp loads up his car with snacks, an ice che... Read more