• Michel Kaiser

    Chair of Marine Conservation Ecology, Bangor University

    I am a Professor of Marine Conservation Ecology and my research is focused on sustainable food production systems, fisheries, aquaculture and conservation. I graduated from Liverpo... Read more

  • Seema Kakade

    Assistant Professor of Law and Director, Environmental Law Clinic, University of Maryland

    Seema Kakade joined the University of Maryland Carey School of Law as an Assistant Professor and Director of the Environmental Law Clinic in July, 2017. Professor Kakade has extens... Read more

  • Archie Kalepa

    OluKai Konohiki/Hawaii Waterman Hall of Famer

    Archie Kalepa is one of Hawaii’s greatest ocean sports pioneers. Instrumental in the design and innovation of water rescue equipment, Kalepa retired in 2014 from his 30+ year Haw... Read more

  • Balz Kamber

    Chair of Geology and Mineralogy, Trinity College Dublin

    My research concerns itself with the large-scale elemental cycles on Earth. The overall goal of my studies is to reconstruct how critical elements were cycled between the solid Ear... Read more

  • Cliff Kapono

    Belonging to the eastern shores of Hawaii island, Cliff is fortunate to have been accepted into a larger community that not only spans across the Hawaiian Islands but one that is a... Read more

  • Moshe Karabelnik

    Scholar, Surfer.

    Over the last few years I have been writing on various surf topics in Hebrew and English for a few local websites. Now I travel and surf the coasts of Central America and Mexico. O... Read more

  • Reeny Karasapan


    I grew up traveling the world with my family and now continue to do it on my own. I moved to Costa Rica some years ago to learn Spanish and quickly moved from the big city to the c... Read more

  • Danny Karel

    Danny is a writer and skateboarder from Santa Monica, California. He earned his BA studying English and Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, put his education to us... Read more

  • Andrew Karr


    Andrew is 18 years old, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His fascination with the ocean began when he started bodyboarding in Eastern Long Island during the summertim... Read more

  • Prakash Kashwan

    Assistant Professor, Comparative Environmental Policy and Politics, Department of Political Science, University of Connecticut

    Dr. Kashwan's research, scholarship, and teaching is concentrated in the areas of comparative politics, political economy, environmental politics, environmental justice, internatio... Read more