• Danny Karel

    Danny is a writer and skateboarder from Santa Monica, California. He earned his BA studying English and Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, put his education to us... Read more

  • Andrew Karr


    Andrew is 18 years old, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His fascination with the ocean began when he started bodyboarding in Eastern Long Island during the summertim... Read more

  • Prakash Kashwan

    Assistant Professor, Comparative Environmental Policy and Politics, Department of Political Science, University of Connecticut

    Dr. Kashwan's research, scholarship, and teaching is concentrated in the areas of comparative politics, political economy, environmental politics, environmental justice, internatio... Read more

  • Tarun Katapally

    Associate Professor, University of Regina

    I was a physician before I obtained my Ph.D. to become a population health policy researcher. After acquiring clinical experience in India and the United Kingdom, I went on to dive... Read more

  • James Katsipis


    James was born January 4, 1983 in Montauk, New York. He first took photography in high school as a way escape academic classes without being hassled by hall monitors. He would flas... Read more

  • Ben Kaufman

    Builder, Designer

    Ben Kaufman is an owner of Dasilva Board Co. out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Dasilva is a small, handmade longboard brand, now in its fifth year.... Read more

  • Pierce Kavanagh

    Director, San Diego Surf Film Festival

    Growing up on the beaches of La Jolla, Pierce Kavanagh grew up amidst a surf culture ingrained in tradition. Pierce hopes to raise awareness about how the surf community operates a... Read more

  • Ray Kazir


    Ray was born in 1985 and raised on the beach of Beit Yanai, Israel. He is a waterman, photographer, writer and holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Journalism. After serv... Read more

  • Shane Keating

    Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Oceanography, UNSW

    B.A. Theoretical Physics at Trinity College Dublin Ph.D. in Physics at UCSD. Thesis research on geophysical wave processes in the Sun (astrophysics and plasma physics). Post-docto... Read more

  • Warren Keelan


    Warren Keelan is a professional seascape and ocean art photographer based in the Illawarra South Coast region of NSW. His love of the Southern coastline is captured from a very uni... Read more