• Rick Landon


    A 49-year-old surfer from Ocean City, Maryland, Rick is also a body boarder, wave skier, health advocate and father of two.... Read more

  • Tripp Lanier

    Men's Coach/Host, The New Man Podcast

    Tripp Lanier is a men’s coach and host of The New Man Podcast. He coaches and teaches men a... Read more

  • Aubrey Lao

    Photographer / Surfer

    I’ve always been a lover of the ocean, and being out in the sun and sand. I fell for surfing hard just a few years ago, into the depths of absolute surfing stoke. I made it a poi... Read more

  • David Lappin


    David Lappin resides in Orange County and swears that it really is not like the television show. He has a degree in English from UCLA. He is proficient in Excel, Microsoft Word, an... Read more

  • Victoria Larnach


    Victoria Larnach was born and raised in the East Bay, California and has lived in San Diego for the past 6 years. Always a bit of a fish when it comes to anything to do with the wa... Read more

  • Thomas Larney Jr.

    Surfer / Filmmaker / Photographer

    Tommy was born and raised at the Jersey Shore in a small bay front town 10 minutes south of Seaside Heights and north of Long Beach Island. He began surfing at the age of 12 and ha... Read more

  • Granger Larsen

    Professional Surfer

    Airwalk team athlete and pro surfer, Granger Larsen has been placing at world class surf events since he was 15. A six-time NSSA National Champion, Granger, 22, is one of the most ... Read more

  • Craig Larson


    Photography is an extension of my lifestyle. I view life as an adventure and live each day with that in mind. Time is our most valuable asset so I endeavor not to waste any of it. ... Read more

  • B.C. Laserwolf


    Born and raised in Melbourne Beach, Florida, now raising a family on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu. A photographer, a surfer and an avid waterman living the life aquatic, Laser... Read more

  • Ludovic Lasserre


    Ludovic is a cameraman from the Basque Country in the southwest of France. He likes to say, "no money, no big car, but a lot of fun and good memories. He loves to film.... Read more