• Raphael Konforti

    Surfer, Coach, Writer,

    Raphael Konforti is a fitness professional and writer hailing from good ole Vero Beach, Florida. A lifetime member of the University of Florida Surf Club, he graduated with a Bach... Read more

  • João Kopke

    Professional Surfer

    My name is João and I am a 22-year-old surfer from Portugal.... Read more

  • Robert Kopp

    Professor, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences; Director, Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience Initiative, Rutgers University

    Robert Kopp is a Professor in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences and Associate Director of Rutgers Energy Institute and at Rutgers University. He serves as the direct... Read more

  • Kris Kopsaftis

    Owner, NJ SURF SHOW, Surfer, Father.

    Kris Kopsaftis is surfer, writer, and owner of NJ SURF SHOW which operates two local surf boutiques in New Jersey and also functions as an event and marketing firm representing doz... Read more

  • Mike Koranda

    Founder, Pacific Issue

    Mike Koranda, an East Coast native, spent the early part of his career climbing the corporate ladder in DC and traveling Europe and Asia in media sales, before settling in Australi... Read more

  • Jeremy Koreski


    Jeremy Koreski is a professional photographer based on the West Coast of Canada. Currently working as the photo editor of Canada's SBC Surf, he was born and raised in the small tow... Read more

  • Chris Kosmides

    English Teacher / Father

    As an avid surfer, paddle boarder and mountain biker, I often write about how these sports have shaped and influenced me as a father. I have a blog, write fiction, I host a writing... Read more

  • Richard Kotch


    Richard never really wanted to be a surf photographer. He always appreciated it as an art form and greatly admired the photographers' skills but was never really drawn to it himsel... Read more

  • Bailey Kotez


    Bailey Kotez is a 14-year-old photographer based in Southern California. Some of his favorite places to shoot include The Wedge in Newport Beach, and all over Laguna Beach. He uses... Read more

  • Steven Kotler


    Steven Kotler is a New Mexico-based writer. His books include A Small, Furry Prayer: Dog Rescue and the Meaning of Life; West of Jesus: Surfing, Science and the Origins of Belie... Read more