• Sarah Lee


    From Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Sarah Lee is incessantly glued to camera viewfinders, DaFiNs, and the sea. Her passion for photography, particularly underwater and surf p... Read more

  • Phoebe Leila Barghouty

    Associate Producer, Vice

    Phoebe recently completed her master's in journalism at Stanford University, where she focused on reporting about environment, art, and sustainable development. She graduated with ... Read more

  • Thomas Leitch

    Writer & Graphic Designer, SubCutanea

    Thomas Leitch emigrated to Byron Bay, Australia from the UK in 2000. A range of different jobs brought him to managing a sports DVD distribution company where, in conjunction with ... Read more

  • Dan Lemaitre


    Dan is a 24-year-old surfer and camera clicker from a little island called Nantucket, 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, USA. He drifts from palms to pines, likes hurricane s... Read more

  • Antonio Lennert

    Surfer & Entrepreneur Surf the Greats

    Brazilian surfer and entrepreneur living in Toronto, Canada. Community builder and avid traveler co-founder of Surf the Greats—An ad... Read more

  • Clark Leonard


    I’m Clark Leonard, an East Coast-based photographer from Connecticut (of all places to be a surf photographer). I started shooting surfing around 2015/2016 as a way to capture an... Read more

  • Mason Leone

    Mason Leone is a freelance writer and journalism student from Rochester, NY.... Read more

  • Anthony Leone


    12 years behind a lens, both personal and professional photography jobs as well as video production. See more from Anthony at Sawd... Read more

  • Jarret Leong

    Writer/Picnic Enthusiast

    Jarret is a writer and picnic enthusiast based in Los Angeles. He says dude too much. Check his blog at croissant.squarespace.com... Read more

  • Tim Leopold


    Tim Leopold is a freelance photographer from Asbury Park, NJ. He lives with his fiancée and their dog and cat. Tim loves to shoot both digital and film and has always had a passio... Read more