• Juliette Khoshroze

    After finishing high school in Pasadena, I was set on moving to New Zealand and spending the rest of my life traveling. When that didn’t work out, my next best plan was to move d... Read more

  • Kray Kibler

    COO & CFO, Massage Warehouse

    Kray Kibler, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, Scrip Companies, first joined Scrip in May 2006, gaining broad experience throughout the business with responsibility... Read more

  • Jay Killvan


    Jay Killvan is a surfer from Cronulla, Australia. With pursuits ranging from journalism, various design disciplines and photography, he is often sleep deprived. A desire for raw ad... Read more

  • Donggi Kim

    Surfer/Filmmaker, DGK

    My love for film actually started with my love for surfing. When I was in the ocean I just felt pure joy. Nothing else mattered. I guess I started taking pictures of my friends and... Read more

  • Yoon Kim


    Yoon is a freelance journalist who writes for SNEWS, The Outdoor Retailer Daily, Retailing Today, Gear Junkie, and many more. He covers active and outdoorsy beats as well as the bu... Read more

  • Sammi Kim


    Filmmaker Sammi Kim is based in Auckland, New Zealand. With a background in filmmaking and television, he creates surfing lifestyle documentaries and surf session edits.... Read more

  • Chris Kimura


    Chris has been a Cardiff/Encinitas resident since 1978. He went to San Dieguito High School and then onto Long Beach State. Chris believes that no one is exempt from adversity in... Read more

  • Benedict King

    PhD candidate in vertebrate paleontology, Flinders University

    I am a PhD student at Flinders University, South Australia. My current research involves investigating the early history of vertebrates by studying fossils. A major focus is using ... Read more

  • Peter King

    PhD in Economics, University of Bath

    PhD student in the University of Bath Department of Economics. Research interests: Environmental policy, pollution abatement and market-based instruments.... Read more

  • Andrew King

    Climate Extremes Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne

    I'm a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne interested in climate extremes and their attribution to human-induced climate change.... Read more