• Shelli Bankier


    My photographic work of the vast ocean blue steps away from commercial surf photography. Growing up on a yacht and sailing around the world profoundly connected me with the sea, gi... Read more

  • Jacob Banks

    My name is Jacob Banks. I am an opinionated 20 year old surfer with a lot of angst and, well, opinions.... Read more

  • Cole Barash


    Cole Barash began his journey when he left his New England home at sixteen to document snow and surf culture in California. Self-taught and dedicated, Cole soon made a name for him... Read more

  • Kate Barattini


    Kate Barattini is a lively young woman from Charleston, SC. As an admirer of the animate yet slow-paced rural living, she highlights the souls of plant, human, and animal life with... Read more

  • Dustin Barca

    Environmental Activist

    Dustin Barca is a professional surfer, environmental activist, MMA fighter, father and Kaua’i Boy who attended Hanalei School and Kapaʻa High School.... Read more

  • Christian Barcellos

    Surf/Kite/Paddle Instructor

    Living on Maui and being surrounded by some of the world's the top water athletes, I'm pretty lucky. For the past two years, I have been watching the foil surf revolution explode h... Read more

  • Rachel Bardin


    Rachel Bardin has a passion for wave sliding, photography, filmmaking, and writing. She miraculously learned to surf in the Gulf of Mexico and currently lives in St. Augustine, F... Read more

  • Hig Bariet


    Hig was plucked from obscurity. He wishes he was a fish. But if wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets. He dwells in the ocean and rides the sacred rhythms. He sees things. Sometim... Read more

  • Steve Barilotti

    SURFER Magazine Editor at Large

    Steve Barilotti is a veteran surf journalist and longtime Editor at Large at SURFER Magazine. Barilotti is also the writer and co-producer of the upcoming film, Minds In The Water,... Read more

  • Charlie Barkhorn


    Charlie Barkhorn is a director and cinematographer based in Los Angeles, California. For over a decade he has worked with numerous genres and styles of productions. Always seeking... Read more