• Ludovic Lasserre


    Ludovic is a cameraman from the Basque Country in the southwest of France. He likes to say, "no money, no big car, but a lot of fun and good memories. He loves to film.... Read more

  • Deon Lategan


    I live in Jeffreys Bay and take my dogs (and camera) for walks every dawn and dusk in the low light before and after work. I end up shooting a lot of these speed blurs primarily o... Read more

  • Dean LaTourrette

    Executive Director, Save The Waves

    Dean serves as executive director for Save The Waves Coalition, protecting surfing coastline around the world. He’s also an accomplished... Read more

  • Chris Latronic

    Editor at Large, Freesurf Magazine

    Born & Raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Chris Latronic is an Editor, Host, Photographer, & Videographer at Manulele Inc, responsible for producing freesurf magazine &... Read more

  • Jan LaTussek


    Jan is a filmmaker and longboarder. Born in Barcelona, Spain, he studied at the American Film Institute, where he got his masters degree in film production. Since then he has tried... Read more

  • Lizabet Latvala


    Lizabet currently lives Orange County, California. When she is not writing, she's probably surfing or on her yoga mat. After hearing hundreds of times that she should be a writer,... Read more

  • Aika Lau

    The Inertia Films Intern

    Aika discovered her interest for filming and photography after watching skate and surf videos; the first one being a VHS tape of Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song that she stole from h... Read more

  • Jan Laumark


    Jan Laumark, 26 years, Denmark.... Read more

  • Jay Laurie


    To surf. To surf and travel off the beaten track. To surf and travel and write about it. By hand, barely legibly at times. To imagine. To share it all with others. Especially the l... Read more

  • Jeff "Doc" Lausch

    Head Shaper, Surf Prescriptions

    Jeff “Doc” Lausch is the headshaper and driving force behind Surf Prescriptions. He founded the brand in 1982 in Huntington Beach, California. A shaper for more than 40 years, ... Read more