• Stacy Lucier


    First, I am an explorer: seeking out adventure in all things. Second, I am a runner: disciplined, focused, and committed. Third, I am a surfer (well, learning): eager, passionate, ... Read more

  • Nicola Lugo


    Surf photographer Nicola Lugo's life and art are as natural as the subject itself. Born in New York and raised in Southeast Florida, Nic has been immersed in the waters off this co... Read more

  • Mark Lukach


    Mark is a history teacher and a writer who contributes most regularly to the Ocean Beach Bulletin and Read more

  • Christor Lukasiewicz


    Born and raised in New York and currently living at the Jersey Shore, Christor can't imagine anything better than having the ocean as his backyard. He's always searching for the ph... Read more

  • Obdulio Luna


    Obdulio Luna was born in Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic. After moving to the north coast of Dominican Republic with his family at age ten, Obdulio developed an interest in musi... Read more

  • Kalle Lundholm


    I am a passionate ocean lover, world traveler, and photographer from the west coast of Sweden. Living full-time in the sun barren country of Sweden was not conducive to my thirst f... Read more

  • Raven Lundy

    Professional Surfer

    Raven Lundy, the eternal grom. He’s always excited, always having fun. Whether he just drove 13 hours to get skunked, or he broke down on the side of the road missing waves, if h... Read more

  • Ari Lurie

    Founder, High Line Festival of Surfing

    Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Ari followed his passion for wave riding and the sea and created the High Line Festival of Surfing. The High Line is an annual celebra... Read more

  • Evan Luth

    Surfer/Creator/Nurturer of Nature

    Evan Kai Luth was born and raised in Solana Beach, California. As a former Southern California competitive surfer, Evan now takes his life passions of free surfing, art, writing an... Read more

  • Grant Ly


    At only 19 years of age, Grant has continued to express his enthusiasm for the ocean through photography and surfing. Even as a busy college student, he still manages to find time ... Read more