• Roberta Mancino

    Professional Model/Stunt Woman

    Roberta Mancino has over 14 years of skydiving experience with over 8500 skydives, in locations all around the world. Holding three world records for skydiving, Roberta has been tr... Read more

  • Steven Mandzik

    Sustainability Expert/Author

    Steve fell into sustainability after years of closed beaches and dirty water. Now he lives a zero waste life and avoids supermarkets - buying all his food from farmer's markets. It... Read more

  • Tó Mané

    Husband, Father, Surfer, Dreamer and Surf Photographer.

    Big waves, epic swells, and stunning photography are some of the main reasons why Tó Mané has made a name for himself in the world of surfing. Tó Mané is generally the man be... Read more

  • Phil Manning

    Phil Manning grew up on the beaches of New Jersey. A lifelong surfer and entrepreneur, Phil spends his time traveling around the world, surfing, and building software for surfers. ... Read more

  • Jack Manoogian


    Jack Manoogian is currently a student at Brown University. Born and raised in Laguna Beach, he grew up with the ocean as his playground and spends majority of his time contemplatin... Read more

  • Michael Mantalos


    Michael Mantalos is a lifelong surfer, artist, husband and daddy to the cutest mini labra-doodle on earth.... Read more

  • Malia Manuel

    Professional Surfer

    Malia Manuel is a 22-year-old professional surfer out of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. In 2015 she finished in the top 10 of the WSL Women's Championship Tour and was named one of ... Read more

  • Juan Manuel Real


    Juan Manuel Real is a 21 year old Uruguayan freelance filmmaker and photographer based in Punta del Este, Uruguay. His videos are typically personal projects without any sponsors o... Read more

  • Steve Mara

    Videographer / Surfer

    Steve grew up in Wisconsin, and in college he vacationed to San Diego with his roommate. They went surfing, he stood up the first day, and he was hooked! He moved a year later, whi... Read more

  • Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot

    Co-Founder, Surfagram.com

    Born, raised and living in Paris, France, far from waves and the sea, Pierre-Arnaud has always felt a deep connection with the ocean. He became addicted to surfing as soon as he to... Read more