• Rusty Long


    Rusty Long is a big wave surfer, photographer, world traveler, writer and Ocean Minded brand ambassador. He’s had more than a taste of what this great Earth has to offer and hold... Read more

  • Matt Long

    Artist/Graphic Designer

    Currently, Matt is a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer for Bechtel Corporation. Matt has found great inspiration in the ocean, surfing, nature, music, healthy activiti... Read more

  • Scott Long

    Carve Bar Founder/ Surfer

    Scott is a surfer who loves the ocean and loves eating. He also happens to be the founder of Carve Bar, which is a whole food bar for surfers and extreme athletes. He's originally ... Read more

  • Greg Long

    Professional Big Wave Surfer

    Greg Long is the world's most decorated big wave surfer. He is the only surfer to win the Eddie, the Maverick's Contest, and the Red Bull Big Wave Challenge. He has also won more B... Read more

  • Gerry Lopez

    Pipeline Master/Shaper

    The original Pipeline Master and Founder of Lightning Bolt Surfboards, Gerry Lopez is an icon and pioneer in the history of surfing. Lopez was among the first to surf "G-Land," and... Read more

  • Shea Lopez

    Pro Surfer/Concerned Father

    Shea Lopez is a former World Tour surfer who finished in the top sixteen for six years in a row. Lopez is a Florida native who comes from a family of surfers and fisherman. Shea's ... Read more

  • Pia Lopez

    Model / TV Host

    Pia is a surfer, model, TV host, she organizes programs that involve surfing, groms, the environment, and educational initiatives in the Philippines, and is a rider/ambassador for ... Read more

  • Cory Lopez

    Professional Surfer

    From Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, Cory Lopez is a former ASP World Tour competitor and has been a mainstay of the professional surfing world for over two decades. He's a self-procl... Read more

  • Manu Lopez Manan


    Manu is an Argentinian writer and Environmental Sciences student at the University of Sydney, Australia. Every since she was a child, she enjoyed being outdoors, either in the ocea... Read more

  • Mimi Lopour

    Director of Sales & Marketing, High Cascade Snowboard Camp

    Originally a beach bum from Orange County, California, Mimi Lopour traded sand for snow and has lived in Park City, Utah, Queenstown, New Zealand and Portland, Oregon. Mimi gradua... Read more