The Inertia

Featuring contemporary Red Collective pieces, award winning short films, surfing zombies, live music, and a generous raffle, the 7th annual Save the Waves film festival kicked off its 2015 tour. The party went down at Bird’s Surf Shed in San Diego with good vibes and a full audience. That said, it’s pretty hard not to get stoked on a lineup of films that celebrate individual ingenuity, personal connection, environmentalism, and some serious talent, without the corporate sponsorship taking center stage.

With contributions from Jensen Young Sik, Chris Malloy, Mac Premo, and many others, there’s plenty of eye-candy and more than a few cheer-worthy drop-ins to go around. Powerful storytelling, paired with an overarching theme of environmentalism gives the lineup a remarkably positive take-away. Culminating with Save the Waves collaborative film with Patagonia, The Fisherman’s Son, the festival subtlety honors the efforts of individuals who are working to creatively overcome the challenges regularly faced in the modern world. Overall, the event has a relaxed vibe — like you’re watching your favorite movies with a few hundred of your closest friends.

The folks at Save the Waves do an admirable job of promoting something important without taking themselves too seriously. This three-hour event takes you from the adrenaline rush of Mavericks to a thought provoking goodbye to a faithful friend, and everywhere in between. In short, It’s a good time for a great cause.

The tour makes three more stops before rounding up in San Francisco at the Victoria Theater on November 20th. All proceeds support the Save the Wave foundation and its efforts to conserve surf zones around the world.


Here’s a look at the rest of the schedule for this year’s traveling festival. For tickets visit 

Dana Point, CA, Nov. 8

Austin, TX, Nov. 12


Santa Cruz, CA, Nov. 14

San Fransisco, CA, Nov. 20


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