The Inertia

The Opening Ceremonies kicked off this year’s Mavericks Invitational and brought the world’s best big wave guys to town. It’s great to see all the guys here and the anticipation of big waves is almost palpable. The event marks the beginning of big wave season and opening ceremonies celebrate that commencement.

Learn all about the 2013 Body Glove Mavericks Invitational presented by GoPro here.

2013-14 Competitors

Ryan Augenstein (Santa Cruz, CA)
Grant Baker (South Africa)
Chris Bertish (South Africa)
Carlos Burle (Brazil)
Kohl Christensen (Hawaii)
Ken Collins (Santa Cruz, CA)
Shawn Dollar (Santa Cruz, CA)
Shane Dorian (Hawaii)
Colin Dwyer (Pacifica, CA)
Nathan Fletcher (San Clemente, CA)
Tyler Fox (Aptos, CA)
Mark Healey (Hawaii)
Nic Lamb (Santa Cruz, CA)
Greg Long (San Clemente, CA)
Rusty Long (San Clemente, CA)
Alex Martins (Brazil)
Peter Mel (Santa Cruz, CA)
Ryan Seelbach (San Francisco, CA)
Jamie Sterling (Hawaii)
Anthony Tashnick (Santa Cruz, CA)
Grant Washburn (San Francisco, CA)
Dave Wassell (Hawaii)
Ben Wilkinson (Australia)
Zach Wormhoudt (Santa Cruz, CA)


2013-14 Alternates

Shane Desmond (Santa Cruz, CA)
Danilo Couto (Brazil)
Derek Dunfee (San Diego, CA)
Kelly Slater (Cocoa Beach, FL)
Tyler Smith (Santa Cruz, CA)
Frank Solomon (South Africa)


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