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So you thought you had seen it all, huh? Well, you’re closer than you were before you clicked this link. Behold, horse surfing. Horse surfing, an activity masterminded by Daniel Fowler-Prime and Matt Smith from Newquay, England, in 2005 adds a never-before-seen element to board riding.

In 2005, the two Englishmen fixed a tow rope to a special-made saddle on the back of a horse. Nothing like good ol’ horsepower. While they may not be harnessing the ocean’s energy and popping up the old fashion way, horse surfing doesn’t involve being towed by a boat spewing chemicals into the air and water. Environmentally friendly and funny to watch? That’s a win-win.

There are now horse surfing competitions around the world. You read that right. And Daniel and Matt are the world’s best team, called The Independent Horse, which has won competitions in places like Taiwan, Australia, Dubai and the USA. Here‘s how competitive horse surfing works. It’s worth a deep dive.

Take a peek at the video below to see horse surfing in action.

For more information, check out the British Horseboarding Association‘s website and Facebook page.


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