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Don't check your bag. Just cram it all in this perfect little sack.

Don’t check your bag. Just cram it all in this perfect little sack.

The Inertia

I HATE checking bags. Even if I’m going somewhere for a month, I’d much rather show up with almost nothing than pay some gouging airline to break all my shit right before they lose it. Even if they don’t, I hate worrying about it. I hate waiting at barrage carousels for twenty extra minutes while just outside the doors is the place I’ve been dreaming of since I booked a ticket. How much better is it to sprint from the plane with nothing but a small, simple bag over your shoulder? Much better. But that perfect bag is hard to find. Or it was.

I also hate backpacks. Since I almost always refuse to travel with a checked bag, my backpack is usually crammed to its breaking point, the zipper threatening to pop, seams stretching to their limit. I walk down the aisle of the plane looking for my seat, smashing into everyone along the way, then smashing the person I’m going to be sitting beside in the teeth when I swing my overloaded backpack off my shoulders. I’m also 33-years-old, and I’m beginning to feel a little too grown up for a backpack. BUT. I found the perfect bag for traveling!

It’s made by a company called Sørensen, and it’s pretty much everything the simple traveler needs. I just went to a wedding in Hawaii. Normally, weddings require extra clothing, which requires extra bag space, which leads to checking a bag. I was there for ten days, which is right on the cusp of needing to check a bag. The Stevns Klint bag, though, let me cram a weird amount of stuff in there: two pairs of footwear, wedding clothes, trunks, books, shorts, pants, shirts… it was like a clown car.

The stages of the Stevns Klindt.

The stages of the Stevns Klint.

Normally, I think of duffel bags as a bit serial-killerish. When I see someone with one, I automatically assume that it’s full of severed heads and lengths of rope and duct tape. This one, though–and I’m not the most fashion conscious person–looks fucking GREAT. It’s right in the middle of the teenager with a backpack and the business man with a briefcase, which is pretty much me, and most of the people I know. It’s got canvas construction and leather handles, and if you’re over hanging it off your shoulder, it’s got backpack straps. Laptop compartment inside, deep pockets outside, zippers that aren’t made of shitty plastic, and clasps that aren’t going to blow up if you decide you want to fill your bag with bricks. It’s just a simple bag with enough room for a little bit more than the essentials, and it’s not going to break halfway through your trip. I’m always on the hunt for a bag that doesn’t look like shit, carries everything I need, and will stand up to the amount of abuse I put my things through, and I’ve found it.


Find the Stevns Klint on Søerensencph.comn


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