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The trouble with concept cars is they’re just that. A bunch of geniuses develop something to make us drool, and then… nothing. But occasionally an idea sticks, and here’s to hoping this Nimbus concept camper van from Brazilian design studio Hemisferio Criativo is one of them.

According to the designers, the Nimbus is a meticulously designed adventure vehicle for everything from short distance trips in the city to long distance adventures off the grid. Best of all, it’s electric with solar panels that juice it back up via a micro-combustion generator.

It seats five comfortably, and from the mock-ups the bubble-like windows offer maximum visibility for the driver and passengers – which is ideal for observing the beautiful places in which you might find yourself. Additional features include a mini fridge, fog lights, a gear rack, and 4 wheel drive.

“When driving an automobile, humans may subconsciously modify their perception of themselves and feel the vehicle as a part of their own body, which increases their natural capacities, as in the Ancient Greek Centaur myth,” writes designer Eduardo Galvani. “This may be one of the reasons why many people have such a strong connection to their cars. The more power and autonomy your car has, the more power and autonomy you have. By the same token, the more ecological your car is, the more ecological you are.”


So, will the Nimbus be the latest #Vanlife trend? First things first, it’s gotta go into production.

Learn more about the Nimbus here.

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