The Inertia

Welcome to my artistic journey. My name is Zachary Bennett-Brook and I’m a proud Torres Strait Islander man from Wollongong on the NSW South Coast of Australia. I would like to share my artwork, which combines my passion for surfing and the ocean infused with my Indigenous heritage. I create artworks from recycled surfboards and fins, putting a modern twist and my own unique touch on traditional Indigenous Australian art. Each year numerous surfboards are snapped or damaged, ultimately contributing to the growing amount of landfill around the world. As a result I recycle and use old or damaged surfboards as my blank canvases to paint my creations on.

Growing up in the Gong, I have always been surrounded by the ocean and have been addicted to sliding across ocean hills (waves) provided from Mother Nature from a young age. Being Torres Strait Islander we are know as the saltwater people. The ocean has always played a vital role throughout my life, as it is ingrained within my cultural heritage and is often represented throughout many of my artworks and designs. I find and gather inspiration in the oceans blue walls and sandy floors, often exploring different colour tones commonly associated with the sea throughout my works. Being Indigenous I have a great respect for the oceans beauty and power, which allows me to feel at home and comfortable when I’m in the water.

As an artist, I strive to create artworks that are of the highest quality, representing my passion for surfing in conjunction with my Indigenous background to ultimately showcase my artistic flare. My ambition is to create and develop works, which are engaging and aesthetically appealing, whilst allow me to grow artistically and professionally.

To see more of Zachary’s work, visit the website for Saltwater Dreamtime.


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