The Inertia

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years shooting surf mainly for surf magazines. During this time, I have captured so many beautiful waves and line-ups. It was actually a wave that I took my first picture of back on October 20, 1977. Pictures of these gifts from nature have remained the one true constant right throughout my photography career.

Of all the images that I sent to magazines as slides when we were all still shooting film, the lineups were what I personally treasured the most and so often they were never returned. I never understood why, but those were the ones that I noticed the most when they never came back to me. Of course, that’s not such a problem these days with digital capture. Sure, I lost quite a few of these treasured images over the years, but I still managed to hold on to enough of them to be able to throw together this cool collection of lineups featuring places such as Tasmania, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Indonesia, just to mention some. Enjoy!



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