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Amaru from above. Nicaragua

Amaru from above. Photo: Amaru Nicaragua.

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Editor’s Note: This article is brought to you by our friends at Amaru Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is a place that’s captured the imaginations and hearts of many surfers, especially here in California. All-day offshores, warm water, and south swell-magnets galore, not even a continent away. Now’s the time of year that such breaks start lighting up – it’s also the time of year that wave-starved surfers that rely on Northern Hemis start looking south.

Pulling the trigger on a surf trip can be a daunting prospect. There’s a lot of options. The good people at Amaru Nicaragua know how to create an epic experience. Read on to learn more or check out Amaru’s room and package options here.

The boom

The Boom, Nicaragua’s world-class beach break, with left and right barrels, just a few minutes walk from Amaru. Photo: Amaru Nicaragua.

Northern Nicaragua’s Pacific coastline is starting to draw some attention for its barreling A-frame beach break known as The Boom. The wave itself is recognized as a world-class break, drawing surfers from all over the world. But despite the recognition, the area remains a destination for uncrowded waves and a tropical escape from “modern” life here in the States, with some of the most user-friendly barrels in the world.

Amaru is one of the newer surf-style resorts to the area, but in the year or two they’ve been around, they’ve made a name for themselves as the northern Nicaraguan surf resort where comfort, healthy living, and incredible waves combine. The end product is world-class, fully customizable experiences for surfers and non-surfers alike including yoga and wellness packages, meals made from organic and local ingredients, and the nicest rooms in the area.

Yoga Shala

The Yoga Shala overlooks open ocean and endless waves. Photo: Amaru Nicaragua.

“We’re not your run-of-the-mill surf hostel,” says founder Gerritt Cooper. Gerritt was born and raised on the island of Kauai. Chatting with him, it’s obvious he’s brought the aloha with him to Nicaragua as well. A permaculture gardener by trade, Gerritt traveled the world before falling in love with northern Nicaragua. After working for other surf camps and resorts in the area, Gerritt founded Amaru.

The resort sits on a 25-acre point of jungle, orchards and gardens that separates The Boom from Playa Aposentillo, which Gerritt calls a “world class beginner wave.” A ten-minute walk though the jungle takes you to The Boom, ten minutes the other direction is Aposentillo. And with a wide variety of waves just a short car or boat-trip away, there’s always surf to be had. Gerritt’s favorite part about the area? “Northern Nicaragua exists as one of the last enclaves where the local community and expats live in harmony, with a focus on benefitting the community,” says Gerritt. “There are no sub-divisions, and everyone co-exists in the authenticity of Nicaraguan culture.”

Amaru waves

Waves for everyone, no matter what kind of waves you’re looking for. Photo: Amaru Nicaragua.

The story of Amaru begins and ends with trust. The trust that Gerritt and the rest of the Amaru team have built within the local community, and the trust that travelers place in Amaru to deliver the high-quality experience they’re looking for. Whether that’s a beginner to expert surf retreat, a digital nomad stay (Amaru has the best internet in the area) or time to unplug, engage in yoga, and eat healthy with farm-to-table meals. You can find all that at Amaru.

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cliff sunset Amaru

Enjoying sunset from the clifftop. Photo: Amaru Nicaragua.



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