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The Inertia

Dave Rastovich doesn’t really need anything special to ride waves. He throws a very large wrench at the idea that equipment is all that important. I’ve got a friend who always asks me for advice on what board he should get. His preferences never vary too much and for most average surfers, if you surf something for long enough, you’ll figure it out. For me, at least, different surfboards is more about a different feeling, not what’s going to work the “best”, whatever that means.

Rasta, of course, it on a different level than, well, pretty much anyone. Give him anything, be it long or short, hard or soft, or hell, even inflatable, and he’ll make it look fun. Mats are one of those things that people swear by. Squeeze the outside edge and firm up the inside one for turns. Release both for speed. Don’t take it seriously. It’s an art! Above is the fourth episode of Teton Gravity Research and Outside TV’s A Life in Proximity, which has something to do with Taylor Steele’s Proximity and sounds like a cross between Kratt’s Creatures and The Endless Summer. I don’t know what it has to do with Proximity, but that’s not important. What’s important is Dave on a mat flying down the line somewhere in Mexico.

Watch the whole episode here… but I think you have to download something.


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