The Inertia

Wrightsville Beach, NC, has become home, and now the main canvas for my work. I am a self-taught photographer who enjoys outdoor life and the essence of natural light which I use to captivate in moments of serenity.

My images exemplify the gift of nature and its intricate beauty. At age 28, photography remains a hobby of mine, and I continue to chase opportunities and new boundaries of self achievement. Though I’m new to the photo world, I have been recognized by brands like Watershot Housing and Aquatech Imaging who help along the way.

Still bouncing back and forth between photography and my sales job, I’m enjoying the moment and appreciating the thrill of any new opportunities that come my way, hoping to one day turn this passion and hobby into a full-time career.

Follow me daily on Instagram @chrisfrickphoto and check out his website.


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