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Mick Fanning spent most of the 2016 season on a kind of soul-searching mission. Of course, most of it was filmed, so it might’ve been hard to actually take some time for real self-reflection, but heavy lies the crown, as they say.

Part of Fanning’s walk about included a trip through Norway, where the northern lights undulate across the sky. “As soon as I was offered the opportunity to come here, I just said yes straight away,” said Fanning. “I didn’t even know what the waves in Norway were like.” Along with photographers Emil Sollie, Mats Grimsæth, and Trevor Moran, Fanning headed to the Lofoten archipelago, where the sun only shone for three hours a day.

As it turned out, the waves are there to be found. It’s not, however, a normal surf destination. It’s not an easy place to surf, but that’s what makes it so great–if it’s not easy, it’s not worth doing.


This is part two of Red Bull’s Chasing the Shot. Watch the first installment here.

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