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Things got a bit crazy at Jaws on Sunday. Once again, Kai Lenny showed flashes of brilliance in yet another one of this winter’s notable big wave sessions. But for the most part, Pe’ahi took the lead in handing out beating after beating. As this collection of photos from photographer Aaron Lynton show, plenty of surfers were committed to getting their share, pushing over ledges and finding themselves airdropping (and often times spills)–moments that are going to be hard to forget.

“It’s always beautiful to be out in the lineup no matter the conditions,” Cliff Kapono told The Inertia. “It was really inspiring to see guys like Kai, J Marco, Ian, and Tyler whip it on the windiest sets. With every session, the standard gets higher and higher.”

Kapono’s definitely onto something. It does seem every XXL swell has raised the bar in one way or another the past few months, and we shouldn’t really surprised to see Pe’ahi at the center of it all.

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