The Inertia

A portrait of the artist, Andy Hill.

A portrait of the artist, Andy Hill.

My father Ian, one of the first surfers in Ireland, paddled out at Castlerock, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, on his Bilbo Pop Out 10’6 Malibu almost 50 years ago. 

I have a lot to thank him for as he introduced me to surfing at the age of ten. I have been fortunate to surf all over the globe and received a Nikon f90x in 1994 to document my surf travel exploits over the years. Those travels included Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Western Samoa, Hawaii, California, South Africa, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Caribbean, France, Spain, Portugal and Canary Islands, but I’m still very passionate about surfing my local breaks along the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

I always have the camera with me when I go surfing. I love to ride waves and I love to photograph them. Northern Ireland has some fantastic surfing spots, and our prevailing wind is offshore, characterized by powerful beach break. I hope the images inspire you to come and visit us one day as we have our own wee unique surf scene here like no other. It’s a dramatic coastline backdropped by the World Heritage Site of the Giant’s Causeway, Scotland, and the coastline of North Donegal.

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