Your boards deserve a good home, like this indoor surf rack.

Your boards are elegant, fragile, and sensitive…like an elegant lady. Treat ’em that way!

The Inertia

Hack: Stop storing your boards in obscure locations and install a nifty indoor board rack.

Pros: Convenience, decoration, and prolonging your quiver.

Cons: Holes in your wall (if you don’t follow the instructions below).

Your boards deserve a good home. Like you, they have have needs, wants, and feelings. Proper storage of your quiver will prolong your boards and prevent you from shelling out dolla dolla bill$ every couple months on a new board. So stop leaving your boards in obscure places – your garage, your backyard and (god forbid) your stifling car.

Indoor surf racks are cheap and fairly easy to install (if you know what you’re doing). They also add a nice aesthetic to your abode – your boards are a source of entertainment and escape but they can also be a decoration. So here are a few racks to get you started: the single board minimalist vibe, the Big Kahuna with mahogany finish, the baller bachelor pad package, or the basic yet functional.

Once you’ve swiped your plastic on the right rack for you, the next step is to install. Most of these racks are going to require a power drill. Once you’ve got that, you’ve got to anchor this thing to your wall while not fucking up your house/apartment/mother’s garage (no judgement). The key to that is finding the studs in your wall. Without a stud finder – the tool, not your horny divorced Aunt Caroline – there are a few tricks. Typically, studs are going to be 16 inches from a power outlet and occur consecutively every 16 inches. You can also use a flashlight to find where the wall protrudes. And sometimes, you can either feel or see where a stud lies. Once you’ve got your studs mapped out, drill that puppy in and start living the good life. The video below can help your stud search:


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