The Inertia

The first day of the Volcom Pipe Pro saw solid 4-6 Hawaiian. Steady NE sideshore winds kept those Pipeline barrels open with 10-12 foot faces. The swell was building throughout the day with a high surf advisory around noon. The combination of the low tide and the rising swell was the perfect recipe for broken boards and leashes, giving the caddies plenty of work. As the swell continued to build and the tide began rising, there were some challenging conditions on tap. The larger swell moved in and pushed sand into the channel making it interesting for some of the best Pipe surfers in the world. The stand out warriors of the day were Mikey Bruneau and Flynn Novak because of their true grit and toughness. Bruneau, a city and county lifeguard in Hawai’i, lacerated his foot while conducting a rescue days before the Volcom Pipe Pro. Even with his injury and the black bandage, cast-like material wrapped around his foot, Bruneau put on a strong performance and did what he came to do: get barreled. Just days before his opening heat, Flynn Novak had to get seven staples on the front of his head and seven staples on the back after slamming his head on the reef during a lei day session. If that doesn’t sound scary enough, Novak went briefly unconscious under the water, but thankfully regained consciousness and was able to make it out alive only to suit up and confront the same wave that gave him a beating.

With more swell arriving for the coming days, we should be in for a good show. Watch the Pipe Pro here.

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