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Last week, we sat wide-eyed at our desks and nearly shot coffee through of our noses after seeing the purple blob en route to West Australia. The swell—which was predicted to produce “seas of 50 feet, with one pass indicating seas of just a hair under 60 feet,” according to Surfline forecaster, Kevin Wallis—made landfall, with the epicenter of hype smack-dab in the middle Cow Bombie, Western Australia.

Jamie Mitchell and Justin “Frotha” Holland, who have never been ones to travel in the opposite direction of any major swell, got their big-wave boards out and got right amongst the action. Our friends over at MySurf.tv were also amongst the action. Here’s what they had to say to supplement this bitchin’ clip:

There were a few lulls and smaller ones but Frotha pulled the trigger on an absolute monster and copped a pounding, snapping his femur before taking a second bomb on the head. Some are calling it one of the biggest waves ever ridden in Australia. Maybe, maybe not… either way Frotha has been put back together and is on the mend.


Whether or not these are the biggest waves ever ridden in Australia… it’s debatable. What is less debatable is the fact that Jamie Mitchell and Justin “Frotha” Holland are some badass mofos that deserve mad respect even if they’re not the biggest waves ever ridden in Australia. Mad respect, gents. We’re wishing a quick and speedy recovery to Frotha. Heal up fast, brother.


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