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The Inertia

Ever heard of the Raz de Sein? It’s a gnarly stretch of water between the island of Sein and the Pointe du Raz in Finistère, part of France’s Brittany region. Vessels have to pass through this section as they’re moving between the Atlantic and the English Channel because Sein’s embankment stretches some 30 miles out to sea.

It’s a very dangerous place, especially in the spring when the tides are moving extremely fast. Ships are often warned out of the area during rough seas. This is Samuel Debiesse, ignoring warnings and charging through the hectic tide shift. Watch as he catches a runner, then nearly gets pulled into a ridiculous sea hole just to his right. Debiesse is a dedicated sea kayaker from Plouhinec, Bretagne, France. You can check out more of his exploits, here.


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