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Do you like when your car smells like a dead seal? No? Then maybe it’s time to stop wadding up your wet wetsuit and leaving it to fester in the back. An English company has just released a new product that could help your dead-seal-odor problem, not to mention the issue of putting on a damp suit before each sesh.

The Dry Elite is like a garment bag for your wettie, equipped with a sealable drain plug that catches the water that drips off your suit, then allows you to drain it away. In other words, you can hang the suit in your car all day — or even inside your house — without making a mess, and dump it out when you get a chance.

The bag is made of waterproof 300 denier fabric that blocks UV rays from breaking down your neoprene. Vents in the side provide ventilation to speed up the drying process and let out the funk. It comes with a hangar that lets the suit hang folder over (as opposed to being stretched from the shoulders), as well as a lanyard and clip to allow different hanging options.

Besides letting your suit dry, the design is an improvement on dry bags and wetsuit buckets in that it eliminates the creasing that occurs when you wad up your suit. Those creases can eventually weaken the fabric and lead to tears. The Dry Elite seems like a perfect option for hanging your suit between sessions or overnight, or storing it between seasons.

The product is available in a small number of surf shops in the United Kingdom and will be for sale “soon” through the company’s website for about $58. Unfortunately, at the moment, it’s only delivered in the UK, but with a design this good, it should make its way stateside eventually.


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