The Inertia

It seems like anything goes on Kickstarter these days. For example, some Brits somehow raised $13,000 to make a giant inflatable sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head. Another strange woman raised $2,000 to start production of “meat hand soap,” which ostensibly provides a bacon-fresh scent anytime you’re washing your hands and jonesin’ for that savory, salty deliciousness.

Even more bizarre than these Kickstarters are the crazy people who support them. That is why we believe New Zealand’s Luke Cederman would receive support (if it were real) to live his life-long dream of joining the CT, doing heaps of blow, and simply haven’t a good time.

“I’d love to compete on the world surf tour,” says Luke. “I don’t want to put any real effort into acquiring funds to do so. So invest money in my dreams and watch me light up the world like a mutha fuckin’ super nova!”


Luke continues, “I’m sick of the life I’m living and I would like a totally new one.”

You have to admit, Luke’s humor is genius. In fact, if it were real, I’d probably throw him a few bucks for the good ol’ college try. The truth is, there are thousands of ridiculous Kickstarters out there. Plus, we’ve seen that there are insane people out there who actually give cold, hard cash for reasons only God knows. But by this rationale, I think Luke should actually give it a go and set one up. Who knows, the guy just may get away with that $300K or at least a few petrol vouchers. Question is: Will you support him?

Kickstarting With Luke from Luke Cederman on Vimeo.


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