The Inertia


Tia Blanco kills it in everything she does. She’s part of a group of talented, ambitious, young female surfers paving a new future for their sport. She is also an outspoken vegan, and you yourself don’t need to be a vegan to appreciate the healthy lifestyle and mindset she advocates for.

On her most recent trip to Nicaragua, Blanco, with help from her sponsor Sony, shows the unrivaled beauty and tranquility of Central America. The video begins with empty beach breaks and culminates with a truly tantalizing sunset shot of Blanco walking the nose at a seemingly endless left point break.

If Miss Blanco’s surfing and lifestyle choices are any indicator of the future of female surfing, it will be a bright future indeed.


Sony also created two other videos to explain how they put this film together. The one found here is a behind the scenes. And for aspiring photographers, Sony shared a “What’s in my Bag” clip.




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