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The Inertia

Volkswagen has created some of the most beloved surf vehicles of all time. The VW Bus is perfect for camping. It effortlessly stores and transports surfboards. It’s great for hanging at your favorite local surf spot. After much anticipation, Volkswagen is back with a new, modern take on the classic design. The fully electric ID. Buzz will be available in North America beginning in 2024.

Volkswagen unveiled its new bus in Huntington Beach, California on Friday, June 2. The day also marked the first International Volkswagen Bus Day. The new ID. Buzz will have three rows and be two feet longer than the original VW bus. The ID. It comes with 282 horsepower on rear-wheel drive models and 330 on all-wheel drive models.

“I can’t imagine a better place for a world premiere than here,” said CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Thomas Schafer. “Volkswagen Buses belong on the beach, preferably with a surfboard on them and lots of sand on the floor mats.”

Volkswagen announced that it has plans to eventually release self-driving buses as well as a camper version of the bus. Watch the above video to learn more about the launch and all of the exciting things to come.


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