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The Inertia

Deep down even the saltiest of salties dreams of a luxury getaway built on a solid foundation of chasing waves. The waves themselves are the center piece to any surf trip, thus qualifying it as a surf trip, but if you can live like a king or queen in the process you’re pretty stoked. There are places that cater to this exact brand of surfing nirvana and at least once a year you’ll ponder booking one of these trips. But this one in particular takes the cake in that realm: Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives. Whereas plenty of places build resorts where there are waves and watch traveling surfers pour in, Cinnamon Dhonveli is a ridiculously beautiful four-star resort that just happens to have a world class left sitting on its doorstep – so they cater to a small (and I mean small) group of surfers on the island. Aside from one of the raddest names in luxury vacationing there are a few things that might make this the pinnacle in luxury surf vacationing.

1. It’s exclusive…in the best way possible. 

Cinnamon Dhonveli

Cinnamon Dhonveli

Just like wanting what we can’t have on the dating scene, Dhonveli plays hard to get with its wave hunting suitors. Like I mentioned, this is not a surf resort. Dhonveli classifies itself as a full fledged four-star resort that just happens to accommodate surfers. To be exact, they only allow 30 surfers to stay here at a time while the entire resort hosts about 250 people total. Every surfer books a trip with delusions and grandeur of being ushered to empty waves; a small friendly lineup with the most pristine waves possible. Unfortunately that is more a dream than a reality for the best waves on the planet. Here it’s a reality simply because you’re going to be one of just a handful of surfers on the entire island. And since they’re in the business of exclusivity…

2. They have their own exclusive wave to top it off. 

Remember how you’re in a small pack with those 30 surfers? Well, you and that small group have full reign over the left hander Pasta Point. Pasta Point is a screaming left that will leave your arms feeling like noodles after a day in the water. It’s one of the most famous waves in the Maldives, a screaming left that will leave your arms feeling like noodles after a day in the water. Catch the clever naming pun there? Surfers don’t like to share, and at least at Pasta Point you won’t have to share with anybody but the resort’s guests. Even though 30 surfers can stay at Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives, you will have a high probability of surfing Pasta Point with far fewer 30 surfers out.

3. Seriously, look at those bungalows. 

Take your pick. A bungalow on the beach. A bungalow over the water. Or an even cooler bungalow over the water. Either way, guests here have some pretty plush places to lay their head down at the end of the day. And this is where you can almost forget you’re on a “surf trip” and focus on the fact that this place is built for vacationing.  But we know if you’re staying here you won’t be in vacation mode too long. After all, don’t forget…

4. There are actually waves to be had here.

Pasta Point - Chaaya Island Dhonveli3 (1)

Aside from Pasta Point, you have Sultans, and Honky’s to surf too. Sure this is a world class accommodation reminiscent of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous but we all know if you’re here you’re going to have a hard time forgetting about waves for very long. It’s in our blood to be sniffing distance from an ocean and yearn for a deep take off, an open face, and a big giant wall of water to draw on. Sultans is a more playful but bigger wave that’s completely makable before breaking into a fast and hollow inside section. Meanwhile Honky’s is another option, eventually connecting into “Fred’s Ledge” on the inside.

So, is it the most plush, the most luxurious and exclusive resort out there? Quite possibly.

Editor’s Note: This edition of #GoThere is created with the help of our good friends at Waterways Travel. To learn more about Cinnamon Dhonveli, go here


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