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After recovering from a near fatal accident at massive Nazaré last year, Maya Gabeira is on the mend. On the mend means both getting back in the water and doing lingerie shoots with GQ Brazil. And while there is most definitely no surfing involved in this video, it presents an interesting, unprecedented paradigm: the warrior and the princess. In her case, the big-wave charging, warrior princess.

Maya has made headlines for her incredible rides and wipeouts. She’s been the center of much debate, with some claiming she shouldn’t be in big wave line ups. She says she’s there for the love of it. Others say it might be more complicated. She’s also taken a lot of heat for capitalizing on her looks.

Some view scantily clad photo shoots like the one above as repulsive, exploitative, and sexist exercises that reduce a talented woman into an object of desire. Others think it’s empowering. She’s savvy enough to realize what’s happening here. She understands that, much like big-wave surfing, sex appeal speaks to a large audience. She has that. And she chose to participate. Consequences be damned.


Steph Gilmore’s Roxy Pro Biarritz trailer copped some flack. The world still loves her. Miley Cyrus twerked the nation into a protesting frenzy. She’s more popular than ever.

Do shoots like this set women’s professional surfing back twenty years? Or do they broaden its appeal by creating desireable celebrities?

We’re not here to judge, but you are. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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