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Ring of Fire is a series running on The Inertia thanks to filmer Nick Cahill and his team’s monumental efforts to tackle as many of the volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California as they can in 30 days, while road-tripping in Nick’s blue converted school bus. Episode seven took us to Mount Rainier in Washington, the largest and most technical mountain the team has tackled thus far.

Episode eight is the final piece of Nick’s Ring of Fire project. Danny and the ladies have to part ways and Nick is left to finish the Ring of Fire for the team. Meeting up with Tailer’s friend and co-guide, Jeff Quadre, Nick scores a new friend, fresh snow, and more glaciated terrain. Ending the journey with the first cloudy summit and pow turns was “a bit emotional” for Nick, as it set in that this project was finally finished. “I wish everyone could experience what I experienced for those couple of hours of my life,” says Nick, “because it would just change the world if everyone could feel what I felt.”

It’s been an honor to share Nick’s splitboard mountaineering project with the world. To watch the first seven episodes, and follow along as Nick and the crew tackle the West’s volcanoes from Shasta to Mt. Baker, click on the links below.

Episode one
Episode two
Episode three
Episode four
Episode five
Episode six
Episode seven


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