Ryan was born in Bergen County New Jersey, 20 minutes outside of New York City. He spent his summers in high school on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, working at a surf shop, catching the surf bug, and playing guitar. After attending college in Boston he moved back home and worked locally for an international music company, playing in bands, enjoying all that there is to enjoy in New York City, and chasing frigid winter swells and fall hurricane swells along the east coast. After years of ice cream headaches from surfing in Long Island and New Jersey, not without scoring, and the occasional Central American voyage, he decided it was time to move out west and be where the summer never ends, the effervescent, San Diego California. He has been in California since 2010 and currently resides in University Heights where he does photography and writes. Ryan is at heart a musician with a passion for photography, music, comedy, surfing, writing, sustainability, and speaking your mind. He is known as a talker amongst friends and will live up to his reputation with a proper beer in hand.

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