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The Inertia

Surfers aren’t always known for being the cleanest of the group. With their long hair and dirty feet, they track sand all over your living room carpet and don’t seem to notice. But it’s actually pretty easy to keep yourself presentable, especially in the hair department. Here are a few tips:

1. Get a trim. It’s especially easy for ends to get fried during surf season, so dust (or trim) ends often. Though saltwater makes hair look amazing, it also really dries it out. The summer sun and saltwater will do more damage to hair that’s already dry, so stay out of trouble with trims and keeping off dead ends.

2. Wet your hair before hitting the waves. Hair is like a sponge, so to keep it from soaking up harmful and dehydrating saltwater, wet it with fresh water before diving in. That way, your damp hair will absorb less saltwater and you’ll have less damage control to do later.

3. Be sure to clean and condition. A long day of surfing is just as taxing on your hair as it is on the rest of your body. To avoid damage and dehydration, use a fortifying shampoo and conditioner to reinforce, revitalize, and refresh your hair after a day on the water. Try the Dove Men+Care Fresh Clean 2-in-1 since it cleans and conditions to combat sun, salt, sand, and sweat and is proven to make hair three times stronger.

4. Avoid snow in the summer. Everyone knows that sunbathing and swimming, especially in saltwater, is dehydrating, and they’re no different for your hair and scalp. If dryness leads to dandruff, fight back. Special shampoos developed with Pyrithione Zinc will have you flake-free in no time.

5. Wear a hat. An old trucker hat will shield your hair from additional sun damage. (Make sure it’s old or cheap, so if you lose it in the water, you won’t care too much.) This easy two-for-one solution will not only protect your hair but also your face.


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