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Dane has been held at an airport in Portugal for two days now. Officials say the situation is being resolved. Photo: WSL / Kelly Cestari

The Inertia

On Wednesday morning longtime friend and filmer of Dane Reynolds, Mini Blanchard, posted news on Instagram that Dane was being held in jail in a Portuguese airport for having lost his passport.

“They took his phone, backpack, even his shoelaces WTF! And to top it off, the US Embassy is doing very little to help him,” said Mini in the post.

According to reports from Portuguese media outlet Tribuna Expresso, Dane’s been held at Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon for two days now. Portuguese Immigration and Borders Services (SEF) authorities told Tribuna Expresso that Dane arrived in Lisbon on a flight that had originated from England without a passport and that they had no choice but to detain him. According to SEF, the situation is being resolved.

“The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) confirms that on February 20, at 20:00, a foreign citizen without a passport arrived at Lisbon Airport from England, who presented himself as the surfer Dane Reynolds, said he lost his passport on the plane but was not found,” SEF officials told Tribuna Expresso in a statement.

“In the absence of a travel document, in accordance with the legislation in force, the citizen was left in the custody of the SEF, and all conditions were guaranteed for that purpose.

“The SEF, in accordance with the procedures in force, contacted the US Embassy for the purpose of identifying the citizen in question. A representative of the Embassy arrived this morning at Lisbon Airport, so the situation is in the process of being resolved.”


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