Disclaimer: This video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK and contains explicit language that will definitely offend some people. But, for better or worse, it’s an honest portrait of what actually happens on the sand at Huntington Beach during the US Open of Surfing. So…there’s that.

I headed down to Huntington Beach for the 2014 US Open of Surfing excited to capture the energy of the event. I intended to get attendees’  thoughts on the heats. I intended to document the fans’ collective stoke for their favorite surfers. I was excited. But a stampede of booty shots and language that would make mothers the world over cry trampled all over those intentions. And this came after authorities made changes, eliminating concerts and vendors on the beach and increasing security, to safeguard the event after the riots in 2013.

Beyond that, it fascinates me how trends work on kids’ minds, and where they come from. No rules existed to having only “free kisses,” “free hugs,” and hand prints on their bodies, but 99% didn’t deviate from that formula. Next, there was the whole “f*ck her right in the pussy” movement. It literally happened in every interview — I didn’t ask for a single one of those. Apparently, it’s an Internet meme and people the world over hijack broadcast interviews by screaming it into an unsuspecting reporter’s microphone. It’s actually kinda funny. But it’s offensive. Then everyone freaked out about some famous “Viner” kid.

Everyone’s behavior was web-based. I assume all the Instagramming and tweeting of body paint photos perpetuated that trend. And the fans raved for the Cameron Dallas kid from Vine, but none of the competitors received so much as an afterthought. At one point, I watched Jordy Smith walk with his logo-ed surfboard through an entire crowd of kids entirely unnoticed. Granted, hardly any of them surfed, but none of them cared about Kelly Slater or a single other surfer in the event. So much for being at the US Open of Surfing...

It's Gnarls Barkley down there.

It’s Gnarls Barkley down there.

  • http://thetopturn.com/ Thetopturn.com

    Actually kinda scary

  • vanmelum

    That looks like fun.

  • stinky

    Cry me a river to the pussy who wrote the article. It’s Huntington Beach, the event is already known as a big party, what the fuck’d you expect

    • Howard Swanwick

      Why I surf alone and try not to read surf mags. Which is a shame as I used to run Drift Surfing Magazine.

  • http://www.thesurfingbuddha.co.uk Paul Watt

    I weep for the future.

  • Sebastian Wolff

    Man does the USA need to be eradicated…..

    • Miguel107

      Thanks for continuing to humor us with your generalizations of America Sebastian. Your posts are as predictable as the crowds that show up for the U.S Open year after year. Look up pseudo-intellectual in the dictionary and then take a look in the mirror.

      • The Horse Man

        YEAH! MERICA!!!

        That’s why Americans are so lame, they will not admit they are lame, even though, they fucking know it.

        Just because you don’t see yourself as lame doesn’t mean you are not visible as lame in some other way you don’t realise is lame.

        Besides, bitches getting loose and loose party slaps has gotta be the best part of The USA. … yup

  • Jay Dee

    You have a problem with kids having fun? Must i remind you that that’s what surfing is all about in the first place…dummy

    • Lojack

      Surfing is mainly about surfing. You f*cking dummy c*nt.

      • Jay Dee

        Surfing is about fun. Why are you half wits getting mad anyway? As a normally intelligent human being, I cannot understand it. The only explanation is ridiculously over-inflated ego…

        • The Horse Man

          normally intelligent? ..idiot.

          • Jay Dee

            Yes, normally intelligent. I don’t know hw you don’t get this discussion, but trust me, you don’t. I’m highly educated dude. 4 languages.

          • Waimea_guy

            si si , french, tal ves hablando espanol pero eres muy ofensivo en casi todos los comentarios.

    • unclemike

      I did not see any surfing in that video.

    • Sheryl Rayburn

      Do they really allow Little Parasites like you to post Stupid Sh_t on the Internet? Noooo . . . That’s NOT what Surfing is all about!! Its about the Water and the Soul of Surfing – ASS WIPE!! And if you were really into Surfing like you think you are – you’d already know that. When was the last time you were in the Water? And how old are you any ways – Twelve? If you think this waste of time Crap is FUN – then I pity you . . .

      • Jay Dee

        Why are you so mad? Don’t you love surfing? Why encourage more people to do it? You’ll have less waves for yourself. Check your ego, dimwit…

  • guru

    I’m an emt, and all I can say for the future is that I’ll have job security for sure

    • Isa Mustafa Ali

      lmfao!!!!! I have my EMT cert as well.

  • Karl Myers

    Weird how the author seems disturbed by the kids’ behavior/language, yet in the actual interviews, he is egging them on to act that way. A little hypocritical, don’t you think?

  • matt

    I feel sorry for their mothers!

  • BrownPride

    Go fuck your self with that racist ass coment fuck head!! It’s not are fault that white girls are tired of you white guys!! They want some spice in there life….we are also bilingual and talk that beautiful Spanish that they love when we are making love to them……. I’m born and raised in EAST L.A

  • Cargirl05

    But we weren’t all stupid and obsessed with “partying” when we were young.

    • Robin S

      well we were but something smells hopeless on these spoiled brats

  • Isa Mustafa Ali

    Im not racist because i know all races have some dumb motherfuckers however all the dumb people in this valley either live in the valley or they are from Huntington beach……none were from compton nor east la….. your opinon is invalid…@disqus_V3VxOPqRP2:disqus

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Wow, teenage kids acting like – teenage kids! Not really a big deal, what might be considered a big deal is sending an adult down to videotape children who may be drunk. You could at least have blurred out their faces to save their blushes!

    • Robin S

      no it’s tough love, lol

  • Shannon Williams

    You all literally said the word surfing or fun over and over. Then put down or otherwise unrelated topic that confuses. This conversation can go on for literally years, why? u tell me ur the one trying to put a point across. It’s a surfing competition nuf said! not ass slaps and ignorant youth screaming. Mooch seems to be able to articulate his thoughts, the rest, all seemed to go in infinite loops.

    • Jay Dee

      Well my points have surpassed yours, so I’m just trying to get you to “see the light” kind of thing.

  • Jeff Byrnes

    This event was never about the surfing. Y’all are getting worked up over nothing of importance. You expected the kind of audience that an event at G-Land would attract?

    I don’t weep for the future because of the behavior of these kids nearly as much as for the “adults” commenting here.

    When this was the Op Pro the behavior was similar and the riot that went down in the 80’s was much worse. In fact, it took a PSA passenger jet doing a swan dive into a Cerritos suburb to distract the nation from the idiots on parade in HB that day.

  • Jay Dee

    Wow, a drawing as a response, some sort of manga? You must be real popular in the schoolyard.

  • Ole Satellittfjes

    Isn´t it only natural selection doh? These people will never contribute to anything and therefore, never leave a footprint of human development.

  • Robin S

    Oside natives, yo!

  • Robin S

    2 worlds too.

  • Robin S

    no hope

  • Robin S

    we just never heard us speak, then. lol.

  • Robin S

    yeah you do, sounds like.

    • Jay Dee

      Why? Im not the one who’s mad because 15 year olds are having fun.

  • Robin S

    oh oh.

  • Robin S

    and the media!

  • Robin S

    boy what a sentence! lol

  • mike

    Jay Dee, I’m not saying I hate you but I would go out of my way to set you on fire

  • http://anthonytrimble.com Anthony

    #whitepeoplerepresent 🙁

  • John B.

    Kids are only as stupid as their parents.

  • BrownPride

    Your name says it all Moron!!

    • You’reAMoron

      Moron doesn’t need to be capitalized in that context. Try one more time.

  • Fergun Connell

    Looks like a fun activity. Wonder if famous surfer dudes were here.

  • Realist

    As the world dumbs down.

  • http://www.twitter.com/akmichaelk Michael A Kocher

    I loved living in Huntington but if anyone thinks it isn’t a weird place where the white trash has money but never developed class, they’re delusional.

  • SanClementeX2

    Kook central.

  • Phil Beenham

    A lost generation becomes a nation of idiots!

  • Ryan St. Pierre

    I was sadly one of the oblivious kids in that video with all those terrible things said done and I’m absolutely shamed to be part of it my moms seen it a year ago as have many of my friends and elders. Thankful to say I found God and completely changed my life from that and see this as a way to praise God for how much he can change a life. With that being said that’s not the only reason I comment on this. This man who interviewed all of us kids Jeremy Searle isn’t who he says he is and is writing a false article. I came into the video when a few of my friends were saying “f her right in the p***y” and just nodded my head trying to act cool and fit in. Jeremy Searle claims he told none of us kids to say any of these things they all just happen but this is a lie. I can’t personally say I heard him first hand tell me to say those words and I didn’t say them I just nodded my head but my friends did but earlier I was walking with some friends and he came have all the girls pint and told them all to handprint him all over his body with pink paint (which I think is also in the video) and acted like he didn’t know what was going on when they did it which I remember thinking it was odd. Back to the other incident I asked them what just happened and they told me “that dude told us to say f*** her right in the p**** (which is from a vine) and was recording some video so we said it!” Of course we all were just stupid kids and didn’t know better. I didn’t think much of it until this video blew up on Facebook and brought my mom to tears knowing all the negativity this video will bring. Luckily my moms an amazing parent and before she did something crazy she asked me what happened and I told her this whole story and how I totally screwed up but he did tell us to say it and how I just nodded my head my mom understood we had a big talk about it and I haven’t done anything like it since the next march I found how incredibly selfish and oblivious I’ve been living trying to fit in in this crazy world at places like the U.S. open with a bunch of pretty girls in bikinis but that’s not the way to live of course. I was guided by God of course to find him and I’m totally blessed to hear this but to all those reading this out there it’s right to judge the kids but before you judge the kids think about how that man would get kids to say those things, he told them to do almost all of them and is a hypocrite, these adults like this are the reason kids are like this trying to fit in trying to be cool saying and doing terrible things like this because they’re trying to fit in, get views on their video and article just like us and if you know anything about kids you know they grow up doing what they see and this is the example this man is setting telling us to do all these things to fit in himself then pretending like it was all us kids. What hypocrisy! I pray for this man who wrote this article and all my fellow peers and friends in this video that they’ll realize how selfish and oblivious they’re living their life and I pray that God can find them and bring them away from this, including this man who encouraged us all to do this Jeremy Searle. Praise the lord for turning lives around like mine and I hope he can do the same to all the others.

  • Niko P

    While I agree it has its fair share of sluts & d-bags (seriously spanking a chick in public doesnt make you a cool guy), the US open is still a fun-ass time, I still love going with everybody smile emoticon Your free to do or wear whatever you want, just dont go so far as to wanting to sex with someone random person or whatever. I’m excited to see whats to come this saturday smile emoticon

  • The Horse Man

    that’s the trick? ..idiot.

    • Jay Dee

      Yes it is. You’re clearly a retard in a bad mood, none of what you say makes sense. You don’t understand simple premises, you don’t matter. You’re an idiot.

  • The Horse Man

    Shut up Jay Dee… I’m the only D that matters round here.
    – The Horse Man

    • Jay Dee

      Where do you live, cvnt?

      • The Horse Man

        Right beneath your mum… wait… Now i’m on top. You wanna dance McGarnigal?

      • The Horse Man

        I’m gonna donkey rape you like your mumma on a Wednesday night

  • Jay Dee

    What? You don’t make sense mate…you’re mental.

    • The Horse Man

      I’m the man on your mum’s mantel. Different to mental. Stop using Australian Colloquials you Brazilian fucking muppet.

      • Jay Dee


  • Jay Dee

    I speak 4. And it took you a month to reply? Fa66ot much?

  • Jay Dee

    Gold coast. I’d be glad to see you try, fvkstick.

  • Jay Dee

    Hey, you’re back?! What did u smoke some bongs, go play some games at your local arcade? Good for you, kiddo…

  • The Horse Man

    it’s indulge moron. Not endulge. Wow dude.

    • Jay Dee

      I speak french, did all my schooling in french, so you should be happy l can speak english at all 🙂 have a nice day!

      • The Horse Man

        why would anyone be happy that you can communicate your flatulent brain dribble in their language? I’d be happy if you learnt how to stick a shot gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

      • The Horse Man

        and so would everyone… especially your mother

      • The Horse Man

        Why would I be happy when you’re butchering it. I thought you lived on the Gold Coast you fucking retard. I think that’s the reason you can’t spell english, cus you’re an ignorant waste of air, don’t blame your sexuality. French Faggit

        • Jay Dee

          So am I french or not?

  • Jay Dee

    Well this discussion isnt about owning, is it? It’s about me murdering you.

  • Jay Dee

    ???? Im a douchebag because l speak French? Well that’s the height of ignorance and racism…

    • The Horse Man

      No it’s not. You’re the height of ignorance and the inspiration for racism, because mutants like you make us all wish we could commit genocide at will.

  • Jay Dee

    Yeah that’s what l JUST said….surfers : the new retards.

    • The Horse Man


  • The Horse Man

    and you can’t spell fuckwit? man you should INDULGE in some study or reading and get that sperm out of your mouth. Cum gargling cunt

  • Robin S

    I seriously doubt that, weirdo.

    • The Horse Man

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