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So we saw the photo(s) of Garrett McNnamara and his tow partner Keali’i Mamala surfing giant waves today at Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal. Some claim these waves may have been 100-feet tall. But who knows? All we know is that a video has arrived, in the form of this trailer, and we will indeed watch whatever full-length video arrives in the near future. Because, wow, those are big waves.

  • Such a tease…..

  • matt obrien

    is this for real?!? The wave didn’t even break! it just rolled through. seriously, this is a joke right? regardless of height, it is lacking any substance. if this were Jaws – then it would have done more than just mush burger towards shore. also, notice how he pulls off wave before it actually breaks? at least the wave that Kealli rode (toward end of video – on the left) actually broke. but this is ridiculous. this kind crap needs to stop or it puts the whole “big” wave thing into a seriously questionable realm. sorry G-Mac but that is silly. EVEN IF IT IS MORE THAN I COULD HANDLE! Also, just another take – from feature of storm/wave over at surfline: For the record, we asked Billabong XXL contest director Bill Sharp how one can accurately measure a wave that doesn’t break. He replied, “Good question.”
    from a real expert, not me.
    also, check out Kohl Christensen & Danilo Couto waves in Ireland (during same storm event) much much more legit waves.
    At least G-Mac seems to be open about the fact that what he did was “fun” and exciting – not claiming the 100 footer himself. So I give no disrespect to him or Kealli Malama.

    • Joe Schmo

      I agree with Patrick. Calm the fuck down.

      • matt obrien

        just saying what I saw. trying to get a dialog going. Garrett started the conversation, I am just engaging it. as you did with me…

  • vince

    Big wave surfing for my mum and all the mass media.

    Last year footage was shit. This year, we have teaser that goes on all mainstream TV stations and we still can’t watch one damn wave properly ridden from the beginning to the end.

    Despite the coverage, this wave remains a mystery to me

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