Editor’s Note: The views expressed below do not reflect the opinions of The Inertia and its staff. Any and every trip to the beach should be a peaceful, enjoyable experience.

Through violence, intimidation, and with the de facto blessing of the local police, the Lunada Bay locals have worked a miracle.  They created for themselves a world where they can travel as they please, free to enjoy any wave, anywhere they want, while denying the world access to their own.

Before the apologists chime in and cry, “But you’ll ruin the spot.  They’re just trying to protect a beautiful resource,” think on this:  Lunada is a fickle wave, and only breaks a handful of times each year.  The same sociopath who’s tossing rocks at your head as you climb down the cliff is surfing your local break most of the time.  He’s paddling out in Torrance, Hermosa and Manhattan Beach.  He’s taking road trips to Baja, flying to Oahu in the Winter.  He’s joining the pack at Lowers, and snagging sets in Huntington Beach.

Monday, January 20th, Lunada opens for the public.  Surfers, bodyboarders, SUP dudes, kayakers, and kneeboarders along the California coast are free to enjoy the ocean.

Most importantly, have fun and be peaceful.  This is all in the spirit of enjoyment of the ocean.  Bring the wife and kids, pack a lunch, and enjoy a fun session followed by a cliff top picnic.

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From the staff:

Last week, we published this piece (originally posted on Reddit), which encouraged folks to surf Lunada Bay, a notoriously localized spot. Like the vast majority of articles published on the site, it was a voluntary contribution about an issue a writer feels passionately about. We encourage a diversity of opinions, and some of those can be divisive. That’s nothing new here. With so many contributors and opinions, we’ve grown accustomed to dealing with controversy and conflicting view points.

That said, the manner in which this message was originally delivered was exceptionally incendiary and intent on creating animosity in the local surf community, and, after more careful review, the tone has since been edited to reflect a more respectful attitude. Posts intended to inspire aggression, ill will, or worse, violence, will not be condoned.

We don’t condone localism. We also don’t support an intentionally disruptive mass migration to a place that has been historically unwelcoming. If that’s your prerogative, then so be it. It’s unfortunate that any location can acquire a reputation for being unfriendly, but we don’t encourage our readers to actively pursue potentially volatile situations. We want our readers safe and happy. And getting barreled. That’s our prerogative.

This silly business of wave riding is, after all, a recreational leisure. It should always be fun more than anything else. Conflicting perspectives can be a good thing when shared in the spirit of goodwill, curiosity, community, and respect. Those are values we stand behind, and those are the principles we hope to share with the most important folks we have the pleasure of engaging with: you.

Please be safe, be peaceful, and enjoy the swell.

  • Down South

    Classic. PV trust fund pricks are the worst dudes in every lineup I’ve ever encountered them in, from Indo to South America to NorCal to Europe. Not to mention that they all own like six houses all over the globe on Daddy Warbux $$$$

    Dem rich punks is like a case study in that localism thing by that annoying media commentary guy – http://www.theinertia.com/surf/nfl-bullying-and-the-social-economies-of-localism/


    You Know what You are Doing?

    …you going to Try This at Pipeline Next??????????????

    you have not the Right!
    people know where you Live why you Stirring the Pot?
    especially the SUP crowd…Vessels Boats etc etc

    if it wasn’t for SURFING None of it would exist…
    Inertia what is wrong with you?

    • Mark

      strong words…

    • Jeff Byrnes

      Go easy. Lunada is hardly Pipe or Chopes. And Pipe is locked down. No way that will change. Even on its most crowded days the boys get the pick of the litter. As for Chopes, when it’s heavy there just aren’t many people alive with the balls and skill to do anything more than sit in the channel and watch.

      As for the SUPs, they may have flared for a spell but I’ve noticed that their numbers are shrinking, likely from well deserved backlash.

    • IrwinFFletcher

      That’s a sound argument.

  • Jeff Byrnes

    Sure, on the one hand there are many locals that go well beyond any reasonable level of regulation. No doubt the Lunada crew are among them as it is they – and a select few others in the state – who we have to thank for the “surf rage” laws that have opened the floodgates for kooks of all kinds to swarm lineups without any fear of consequence.

    I have lived, traveled, and surfed all up and down the California coast since the mid-eighties, almost always solo, and watched as lineups that were once vigorously guarded have become overrun by mindless hordes chanting “the ocean is for everyone, bro!” that won’t hesitate to lawyer up (with THEIR trust funds) if you finally snap on them after they’ve back-paddled you for the umpteenth time.

    When I was younger I abhorred and despised brute localism. But as I’ve moved through this life and see crowds becoming increasingly toxic at a growing number of spots I find myself lamenting the loss of a rite of passage, one I had to pass through to earn my stripes (anyone remember when you actually had to EARN respect?).

    Sure, the Lunada crew pretty much sucks and they suck just about everywhere they go, blatantly disregarding the rules they believe everyone but themselves should be abiding by. If they lose control of the bay and break it will no doubt be of their own doing, from playing too heavy a hand for too long. Shame on them for that and thanks for nothing to them for ruining it for locals everywhere who know the difference between regulating a lineup and despotism (which is always ill-fated).

    But when it comes right down to it, cruel exceptions aside, localism does work. I’d rather sit out a session and see a few experienced trolls surf unhindered than watch every spot deteriorate into first point Malibu and Lower Trestles on a head high summer Saturday.

    As for Lunada? F–k it. They can have the wave. But if those dicks show up at your break remind them that’s all they get to have and just shut them down as they do you.

    And to all the zombies chanting “the ocean is for everyone!” I leave you with this:
    “When everyone’s super, no one will be.”

    • David Rockfield

      Whoever wrote/published this angry article which appears to come from a place inside the writer/organizer that is bummed about how his life turned out; and whose home break sucks, doesnt have the money to travel, and is probably a “total kook” and cant surf. Aside from this observation I reccomend the writer lay off the Vicadons and booze when you write. It will do you good. Also,…Get a life and seek help. Best of luck, I’ll pray for you.

      • Jeff Byrnes

        Apparently you didn’t bother to check the writer’s bio.

        • David Rockfield

          I read the bio, a lot of losers live on the north shore, and then I wondered if TWS shut down cuz of his writing. Zero respect.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            In the words of the great Inigo Montoya:

            “You keep on using this word, “respect.” I do not think it means what you think it means.”

            Respect is a two way street, one that cannot be traversed when opposing traffic resorts to throwing rocks at people who never showed any disrespect in the first place.

            How many outsiders ever showed the LB locals any disrespect, let alone at a level that warranted getting pelted with rocks?

            One of these days one of those rocks will end up killing someone. And if that someone is related to anyone with substantial clout the LB crew will be f-ed, along with every other local who ever tries to keep any modicum of order in a lineup.

            If North Shore and Santa Cruz locals can regulate lineups without throwing rocks so can you. Elevate your game.

            Or don’t and watch as you invariably bring enough heat to screw you outta your own lineups. It will happen. Your wealth and privilege can only insulate you for so long.

  • IrwinFFletcher

    This will end well. Can’t imagine how well locals will want to keep the peace after being utterly pigeon-holed by this column. Just get the brawls on YouTube and I’ll watch from here.

  • ZEUS

    can’t wait to see how this one plays out…..WORLD STARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

  • War Child

    Bring your wife and daughters, just don’t expect them to leave with you…be careful what you ask for.

    • Jeff Byrnes

      That’s exactly what the courts and press want to hear from you.
      If the Lunada crew wants to make this a war of attrition they will lose badly. You just don’t have the numbers and support.
      Even locals in other towns are blaming Lunada for screwing it for everyone everywhere else. At this rate the peninsula will eventually become the only place Lunada locals will be able to surf, especially when their pictures start popping up all over the internet to out them.
      I’m 100% in favor of regulating breaks and lineups, but the tactics have to change.
      The world is watching, “War Child.”

    • Moret Darrin

      Back off warchild, seriously!

    • IrwinFFletcher

      War Child?

      The Point Break remake can’t get here fast enough for you, huh?

  • yodle

    I dont know what the hell prompted this. But whoever tells SUPs boats and families too get at Lunada just to prove some obscure point about sticking it to rich kids protecting a 4 day a year wave needs a better cause. I have gotten my windows waxed at a bunch of other spots just for getting out for 20 minutes and checking it. You get hassled everywhere that people remain loyal to their spot which is fine with me. Not everything semi-bad in the world requires a quiet protest and a movement of the masses. Quit being fuckin kooks Inertia staff.

    • Jeff Byrnes

      Most of the people writing and contributing pieces/material on The Inertia aren’t staff.
      If they believed in censoring content none of us would have the freedom to comment on boards like these.
      Lunada locals are bringing this on themselves. There’s regulating a lineup and then there’s going way overboard. You can get away with throwing rocks, wrecking cars, and beating on respectful visitors who show up solo and surf quietly for only so long before the tolerance for spoiled brats, who skate through life with no sense of responsibility that everyone else has to carry, wears thin.
      If you had been smarter about how to properly regulate a lineup this would be a non-issue. I’ve visited plenty of lineups where locals control the break without resorting to the BS that goes down at Lunada.

      Seriously, you guys went begging and now you wanna cry foul. Pretty typical of spoiled brats.

      Thanks again for the surf rage laws. What did you think would result after throwing rocks at a judge’s son then attacking a news crew?

  • wally

    Bullies and rock throwers should not rule.

    I agree with the author’s point about the hypocrisy of these dastards. I recently read an article with a renowned, uncompromising, self-appointed gatekeeper of a surf spot. If he doesn’t know you, you will be ordered out and you might get your car windows smashed. But there he was, listing all these favourite surf spots, all these other people’s local spots, stretching around the Australian coastline. He seemed to have no ethical problem surfing these breaks. He must have just decided it is not reciprocal.

  • duckdive

    I grew up in RPV (born in Torrance), which apparently doesn’t make the cut. I spent my summers at Torrance Beach doing Junior Lifeguards. I’ve probably played chilhood sports (PV Little League with JStafford) with some of the guys… but honestly, I don’t know who the crew is. I lived in San Diego since 1996.
    I started surfing in 5th grade. Surfed the Cove a lot in highschool as well as Indicator and other spots around the South Bay. Since then, I surfed my college years in Santa Cruz, have been to Hawaii countless times, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Australia, Costa Rica, Fiji, Indonesia (for work, but got a few days of surf), and France. Obviously, my life revolves around surfing just as much as the next guy. I understand respect, and I know what it is like to have a crowded lineup at a spot where you normally live and surf.
    But one winter day a couple of years ago while home in RPV for the holidays, I decided to surf Lunada Bay for the first time on a mediocre day. There were only four guys and one girl in the water with two guys on the shore. I was immediately stink eyed by the two guys, and one started verbally abusing me telling me the I can’t surf there and a bunch of expletives. Needless to say, I paddled out and sat on the shoulder just waiting. The “mouth” paddled out after me continuing with his threatening attitude. After a pretty weak session, I got out to find that they had stolen my shoes and dunked all my stuff in the water. I hobbled my way up the cliff barefoot in the dark.
    My family and some friends still live in RPV, and when they heard the story they were shocked and wanted to do something about it… like confront these people to have them answer for their deeds. Let me put it this way, they wouldn’t like us in a confrontation. But, I was headed back home to SD, and we decided not to pursue any retribution.
    The argument of protecting the break is a joke. They are self serving, entitled pricks who may have a right to exercise a surf spot code, but not in the manner that they currently use. And for the associates that let the abuse, threats, and behavior continue… you are just as guilty. I say they can all go to hell.
    Wish I was there to participate in the paddle out.

    PS. I forgot about another time I was surfing Indicator with my girlfriend (who probably surf better than you) during Thanksgiving a few years back. There were two kids (probably 20s) in the water. Both had just caught set waves and were paddling back out. A nice one came right to me up the point, and I took off on it. Now, I’m 100ft down the line and one of the kids turns around and drops in on me. He kicks out a little down from me. I paddle towards him, and I tell him not to do that again. He asks me where I’m from and what highschool I went to… not that it should matter, I told him RPV and RH and that if he did it again we’d have a problem. Same selfish crap.

  • David Rockfield

    Hey Rory, saw your bio pic. Are you sucking your finger after sticking up your A hole?

    • Rory Parker


      • David Rockfield

        Youre a total KOOk…

        • Rory Parker

          I’m a lot of things.

  • david carson

    well said. i attended lunada bay elementary school.

  • MT

    looking forward to some LA point surf on the 20th….
    I am RENTING an SUP just for the occasion.

    It’s over for Lunada. The argument that they are preserving or protecting is horseshit.
    If we do nothing, they surf by themselves. “THEY” are spoiled soft cocks. I would rather see it go the route of 1st Point Malibu, then EVER let these cunts have it to themselves under their threat of violence. They deserve nothing. Terrorist. Also a bunch of pussies that would never stand up one on one. Throwing rocks from a distance says it all.

    We should put Little Dume Malibu on the list for the next SURF DAY. Same fucking spoiled shit going down there. Fucking 13 year olds talking shit to grown men. Such a joke.

  • Brandon

    Hahahaha this is an awful idea. Can’t wait to watch the madness.

  • many rivers

    Sorry I don’t get this mess at all.
    On one hand there is a sort of celebrity suck up attitude shown by some towards the ‘hostile to outsiders’ behaviour of a gang on the north shore but west coast locals doing the same thing are attacked as total losers?
    Is this a manifestation of a type of white man’s burden?
    Noble but poorly educated drug dealers in one place – oh they are so authentic ! let’s all hope they skate near us! This is a disturbing type of grovelling ingratiation and for what reason?
    Who cares if the punks in this town in California are rich or poor ?
    Their behaviour emulates that of a group that the Inertia and many others would appear to glorify.
    Pot , kettle.
    And while this break may have crappy surf and rarely at that at most breaks if you are a knowledgeable local you can get waves any time because you know the break well.
    Hey at least you can usually paddle the outsiders into a position from which they won’t make any takeoffs.
    Maybe I exaggerate as I am over 100kgs and scream abuse at any one who tries to drop in on me or my local friends but getting waves at your break isn’t that hard.
    What is unacceptable is getting injured when kooks let their boards go and fin chop you in the head.That is the crime- not telling people who are in surf beyond their capabilities to go in.

  • Jame Cantor

    So funny how when all these people go to Hawaii/Tahiti/Indo they kiss people ass like Eddie Rothman’s (even though he’s from Bellflower) and the rest of DA HUI but when it come to places at home it’s all best off. Sonding a bit racist actually, what these people are less evolved and more animalistic so you treat them different??? #kookdoublestandard…….would love to see al these people head on down to south Inglewood for a pick-up game of b-ball, sure just go head and walk right on the court demanding a pick-up game…..

  • discodisco

    no. horrible idea. localism is beautiful–the only true reminder of the past. i don’t surf there, but i would be devastated to see it turn into swami’s.

    • Jeff Byrnes

      I take it this means you’re cool with me pelting you with rocks and smashing your windows the next time you paddle out at one of my local spots.

      • discodisco

        nobody even tries to surf there anymore (due to unwarranted fear from people like you), i’ve been able to sneak in a few uncrowded sessions at one of the best big waves in southern california by being careful where and when i walk down.

        • Jeff Byrnes

          You’re not very bright.

          Read what I’ve been posting here, brain trust.

          Then look up the word “irony.”

          • discodisco

            simply replying to you. nary the time or the energy to read your long winded rants elsewhere.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            You only had to read the first one to realize you’re completely off the mark.

          • discodisco

            park your car further away in a more secluded spot, take a different trail, and paddle out at a different location and you avoid getting rocks thrown at you or your windows smashed. of course i don’t want rocks thrown at me, but it’s easy enough to get around it and avoid the issue. calm down guy.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            If living in fear is your prerogative then by all means keep cowering.

            But if I want to surf LB (which I would do solo, with a white board and black suit, like I have been doing nearly all my life just about everywhere I go to surf) or anywhere else I should be allowed to do so without threats of violence or vandalism, particularly before I’ve done anything that warrants such a punitive reaction.

            If you get punched out or have your car wrecked for showing disrespect that’s one thing, but to have that BS done to you just for wanting to surf a break and have the chance to prove yourself that’s nothing more than a vulgar display of raging cowardice. ZERO honor. Pure lynch mob crap.

            And I’m perfectly calm. You’re just lame.

          • discodisco

            meh. prefer to cower and surf with 5 other guys instead of with 100 others that would come from the high kook density surf population that runs los angeles these days.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            You really should stop.

            It is abundantly clear you haven’t read shit I’ve been posting here on this topic.

            And you’re wrong. There are plenty of spots surrounding the PVP that anyone can access yet few people bother to simply because you have to be pretty f-ing good to be able to have any fun surfing them.

            Lunada needs over the top localism like elephants need nail polish.

          • discodisco

            believe me, i surf all those waves ten times more often than the bay, but they aren’t nearly as shapely, long, or large. while maybe being a bigger, lunada is simply a better wave which is easier to surf than many of the waves in the area–which in turn would lead to larger crowds if it were open. i like the adventure of the area, and the localism adds to the experience for me. those are my thoughts and i won’t be changing them for you.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            Yet here you are making streams of comments that help to attract attention to the spot by driving traffic to articles about it.

            Genius. About as brilliant as a wet paper bag full of hot coals.

          • discodisco

            “if it were open”

            spot has never been a secret bud.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            South Central isn’t a secret either, “bud.”


          • discodisco


          • discodisco

            haven’t had my windows smashed or rocks pelted at me either. there are only a few idiot enforcers on the main trail–the guys in the water are actually pretty cruisey–if you don’t get greedy.

  • Teresa Lang

    While I agree that the level of localism at Lunada Bay is somewhat outrageous, the tone of the original article posted last night (to which many of these comments are responses to) was a bit much, and clearly was trying to get people angry. I am glad to see the editors of the Intertia realized that, and I sincerely hope that those going to “take back Lunada” on Monday keep things peaceful. One world. One ocean. Let’s share it.

    • Jeff Byrnes

      How many times have you seen women take a severe beating for surfing a heavily localized spot? Guaranteed if these guys started throwing rocks at the ladies it would start a war they couldn’t possibly win – anywhere.
      Sorry, but your opinion on this one lacks credibility, especially when you say things like this: “the level of localism at Lunada Bay is somewhat outrageous.”

      You have a talent for euphemisms.

      • Cole Fiers

        This is not going to end well. Bad move on inertia.

        • Jeff Byrnes

          The bad move rests primarily with the LB guys who brought this not only on themselves but on better, more restrained and rational locals everywhere else who now have to deal with what this brute idiocy has spawned. Had they not gone so far overboard for so long they would have my full support. They’re the ones who broke the code, lost the faith, and chose to behave dishonorably.

          No honor, no respect. Know honor, know respect.

          They abused their power instead of moderating it responsibly and now we all have to pay the price for it. Stop playing the apologist for these silver spoon thugs.
          And I give props to The Inertia for not cowing to what ultimately amounts to surf terrorism instead of healthy and well moderated localism.

          • Teresa Lang

            You are right that I have not seen nor heard stories of ladies “taking a severe beating” at Lunada, nor too many other places for that matter… and yeah, that would be pretty bad…. but seriously? Is that the fine line of “too much” that you’ve drawn? I think throwing rocks or punches to protect a surf spot that should be a publicly and respectably enjoyed natural resource is outrageous. No matter what the spot. And the fact that I think that should not call my credibility into question. As a community, Rancho Palos Verdes has actively allowed for this localism to continue, which is pretty sad, and I am not the only one who thinks the whole thing is a bit outrageous. If you paddle out and respect everyone else in the water, there is no reason for rocks or punches to be thrown. Period. That said, I too am concerned that tomorrow’s takeover will not end well.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            If the LB crew does anything provocative the only people this won’t end well for will be them. It will only embolden and strengthen surf rage laws and increase the public’s scrutiny against them.

          • Cole Fiers

            I’m just saying that the guy who wrote this article should have never wrote it in the first place and left Lunada alone. It’s just one surf spot that breaks a handful of times a year.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            Leave Lunada alone?

            How many people even care about what’s happening in the Middle East until a suicide bomber or terrorist blows people up? Exactly.

            If they wanted Lunada left alone they should have thought about that before they trashed cars, beat people up, threatened a news crew on live TV (good thing this was before YouTube), and thrown rocks at a judge’s son and his friends. All in the middle of one of the most populous and media saturated places on Earth. Yeah, that was pure genius and the perfect way not to draw attention to one’s self.

            Make no mistake about it, the only people responsible for drawing all this attention to Lunada are the locals. Had they been even just a little more reasonable about regulating the spot none of this attention would be directed at them.

  • yaqui

    surfing in PV is very simple, if you come alone and you can surf, and you don’t mind some hard looks, and you don’t back paddle, and you grab some trash on yer way out, and you don’t call people from the cliff and tell em how good it is, and you show up mid week early, and you avoid the first swell of the year, you will be probably ok. you may end up with flat tires once in awhile, or waxed windows.
    Oh and you let em have Lunada. you will not have a good time if you try to surf there.
    If a buncha kooks show up and try to take back the bay, it won’t work, and in two weeks it’ll be exactly the way its been for 40 years. The place is set up perfectly for localism- you can’t see your car, you have to walk down a steep cliff, and there’s always someone there.
    Ever watch a basketball game at the ‘public’ courts in Venice, Ca? you won’t be rocking up and jumping into that game either.
    The wave is no joke either and it will kick yer ass at proper size, with a rip running right to the impact zone.
    This notion that the ocean is for everyone is a nice dream, but some spots don’t handle crowds, and with today’s go-pro, wave storm riding, lack of wave knowledge kooks running amok, thank god there’s some etiquette left, Palos Verdes being one of those places. Deal with it, there’s other places like it too- Hawaii, West OZ etc.
    And no I’m not a local in PV.

    • Jeff Byrnes

      If it were just kooks trying to surf LB you’d have a solid point. But these guys target the skilled and unskilled nearly equally. That’s bad policy. Everyone should have the right to prove themselves at any break. But prove themselves they must.

      I want localism to remain but it won’t be able to if those who keep going overboard with it don’t moderate it more responsibly.

      I gave up on California and moved back to Hawaii because locals, regulars, and experienced surfers are fighting a losing battle, one that became all the more so largely due to the surf rage laws (that we primarily have the LB guys to thank for) that have severely diluted lineup hierarchies. Every time the topic comes up the LB crew tops the list in the blame game.

      When I surf Pipe (or anywhere I’m not on the totem) I do my best not to step on the wrong toes. But I still get to surf Pipe. That’s the entire point.

  • Karl Myers

    So is this really happening on Monday or is it a joke? Are the only people who know about it the ones who happened to read it on here? How many people are expected to actually show up?

    • Rory Parker

      It’s really happening. Things have been in the works for a while. It was just a matter of waiting for the right swell.

      It’s hard to say an exact number, but it will be a lot.

      • nofway

        This is what we know for sure: you will not be there. You are in Oahu and you are injured.

        You cannot come up with a number since this is hoax you that as a bigot, coward and now confirmed troll have come up with to get idiots who cannot see you as the fraud you are to show up. When they do I hope they let you know what a troll you are. IMHO!

  • nofway

    Rory Parker – calling you out. You are NOT showing up, you are in Oahu! And the only ones showing are the gullible lambs you sent to slaughter. You are both a bigot (everyone one in PV is Trust Funder) and now proven to be a coward.

    • Jeff Byrnes

      If a slaughter of lambs goes down, as you claim, how do you think that will fare for the LB crew and localism statewide?
      A slaughter is exactly what the media and all those watching would prefer to see. It would only vindicate the opinions of those like Parker and everyone on his side. It would also embolden further legislation against localism of any kind anywhere. CA is arguably the most litigious state in the nation, perhaps the world, and you really want to behave in a manner that only further fuels the sue-happy fire?
      Are you really this stupid? Arrogant? The trees in your forrest must be mighty tall to be obscuring your view so thoroughly. It would benefit you mightily to climb the tallest one you can find to get a clear view of a big picture that is gonna take a huge shit on your face if you keep persisting in the old ways.

  • TheInertia

    Yesterday, we published this piece (originally posted on Reddit), which encouraged folks to surf Lunada Bay, a notoriously localized spot. Like the vast majority of articles published on the site, it was a voluntary contribution about an issue a writer feels passionately about. We encourage a diversity of opinions, and some of those can be divisive. That’s nothing new here. With so many contributors and opinions, we’ve grown accustomed to dealing with controversy and conflicting view points.

    That said, the manner in which this message was originally delivered was exceptionally incendiary and intent on creating animosity in the local surf community, and, after more careful review, the tone has since been edited to reflect a more respectful attitude. Posts intended to inspire aggression, ill will, or worse, violence, will not be condoned.

    Let’s be clear. We don’t condone localism. We also don’t support an intentionally disruptive mass migration to a place that has been historically unwelcoming. If that’s your prerogative, then so be it. It’s unfortunate that any location can acquire a reputation for being unfriendly, but we don’t encourage our readers to actively pursue potentially volatile situations. We want our readers safe and happy. And getting barreled. That’s our prerogative.

    This silly business of wave riding is, after all, a recreational leisure. It should always be fun more than anything else. Conflicting perspectives can be a good thing when shared in the spirit of goodwill, curiosity, community, and respect. Those are values we stand behind, and those are the principles we hope to share with the most important folks we have the pleasure of engaging with: you.

    Please be safe, be peaceful, and enjoy the swell.

    • nofway

      That’s nice if you, and everyone who surfs is stupid hippy. Fact is you let someone who is the same as the younger Banas (a felony) post a bigoted article (everyone who surfs in PV has a Trust Fund) and is not even going to show up (Parker is in Oahu!) No one he knows is showing up! He is just doing this so idiots will show up. He and now you are cowards.

      • Jeff Byrnes

        Make no mistake, the real cowards in all of this are the LB cats who went overboard years ago.
        Flattening the occasional tire and stuffing people on a wave (hell, even the occasional smack upside the head of a disrespectful touro) is one thing, but smashing out windows, throwing rocks, and beating people down just for showing up is totally out of control. Zero excuse, especially coming from guys who have never had to earn anything in their lives and actually surf other people’s local breaks. If they want LB that badly they have no business surfing beyond it the same way they feel no one else has any business surfing LB.
        You can’t have it both ways and expect to never get any push back.

        • nofway

          What is your source for ” especially coming from guys who have never had to earn anything in their lives “? Rory Parker who cites articles over a decade to 20 years old? I’m not around any more but the only Trust Funders I knew moved away. Most Locals range from professionals to firemen to longshoremen to construction to bums. And they will be around Monday since the surf has been so poor in SoCal this season even if it 3-5 Faces (not backs!) per http://magicseaweed.com/Lunada-Bay-Surf-Report/283/0

          • Rory Parker

            Wait a second… are you really saying you moved away from PV into another area, where you use their resources and surf at their beaches, but you still think people who aren’t from PV should stay out?

          • nofway

            I would not go to V-Land on a Holiday nor would I organize a protest there by send haloes there if I was not leading the charge.

          • Rory Parker

            Have you ever actually been to Hawaii? If you had you’d know that the locals are among the warmest, friendliest, most welcoming people on Earth. While the lineups are regulated, it’s done using ability, not violence or vandalism. The boys out at Pipe get whatever waves they want because they’re sitting twenty yards behind the peak, pumping top to bottom through the most terrifying barrels you’ve ever seen. And V Land on a fun day is packed with people having a blast, from the most solid ripper to little kids getting pitted on the inside. Show up at any spot on Oahu with a smile on your face and a good attitude and you’ll have the session of a lifetime.

          • nofway

            Bowls any swell and anywhere on the westside.

          • Rory Parker

            Dude, the entire Waianae coast is nothing but the hardest working, friendliest people in the world. They gave us Rell Sunn and Buff K. The entire Westside is the embodiment of Aloha.

            And Bowls is always full of people having the time of their lives. I think it may be time to leave your little world and see how things work outside of it. Because people are inherently decent and loving.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            Parker’s right. I grew up here. I just moved back. I’m as haole as it gets but I very rarely get hassled no matter where I surf on this and every other island in the chain. I may not get many waves, especially at Bowls and V-Land on packed days, but I’m never told I can’t even paddle out and no one is throwing rocks at me (only a few places on the WS have anything like this going on). I can count the number of times I’ve been told to go in on one hand. I always show respect and I don’t get grabby at spots I have no presence. The LB guys should operate on the same level as the locals here: regulate the lineup and let people with the requisite skills paddle out and get what they can; let them work their way up the ladder if they want a place in the lineup. If they have what it takes to handle a given break there is no reason they should be denied.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            I know the peninsula well. I have prominent family there. I know surfers who are also respected professionals, lifetime locals of the peninsula, family men, and people who have every right to access the spot but don’t bother with LB because they have no interest whatsoever in having any association with the guys that lock it down. When many of the most respected lifetime members of your own community think you’re scum you have a serious problem, and if you persist in that pattern it is only a matter of time before people get sick of it and respond. I’ve sat at PV dinner tables enough to know that the trust fund set is still present, perhaps not as prominent as in years past but they’re still there. But so what. None of this would even be a conversation if the LB guys had been more responsible about moderating and regulating the break. Locals in SC, in select parts of SD county, the central coast, and elsewhere are able to maintain order in a lineup without pulling the BS that goes down at Lunada.

            BTW, Magic Seaweed lowballs there forecast info. Just an FYI. And if it was full-on Lunada there wouldn’t be many takers anyway.

      • thinkbeforeyoutype

        Please explain what the Banas’ article reference has to do with surfing LB any day. Stating Parker is a “felon”, is as a bigoted statement as accusing everyone that surfs LB as a trust fund baby!

        • nofway

          The only person in the articles with a criminal record is the younger Banas. Rory Parker is from Hermosa and at 33 is the same age as Banas. Does that help?

  • southbayevents

    It’s going to be 8-12 ft + Monday. Although they have good intentions, this semi-peaceful invasion may have chosen a bad day. The Bay is insanely heavy and people are going to get in serious trouble. Especially spongers and kneeboarders lol.

  • nofway

    Surfer to plead no contest in samurai sword incident

    By Denise Nix, Daily Breeze

    Local surfer Tom Banas agreed Thursday to plead no contest to the samurai sword-point burglary of a Hermosa Beach resident and to testify against a co-defendant in exchange for five years, four months in prison.

    Banas, 20, pleaded to charges of residential burglary and assault with a deadly weapon with the allegation that he personally used a knife, just as jury selection was scheduled to begin in his and Ryker Copeland’s attempted murder trial, Deputy District Attorney John Gilligan said.

    The attempted murder charges carry potential life in prison sentences.

    Banas will not be sentenced until after Copeland’s case ends. Trial is slated to begin next month in Torrance Superior Court.

    Banas is expected to testify at Copeland’s trial that Copeland, 34, initiated the crimes and recruited Banas, the prosecutor said. Banas also is expected to tell a jury that he saw Copeland stab the victim multiple times, Gilligan added.

    In addition, in response to complaints made by Banas’ mother about threats Copeland allegedly made to her from jail by telephone, Judge Francis Hourigan placed phone and other jailhouse restrictions on Copeland, Gilligan said.

    According to a police report, Copeland allegedly told Banas’ mother during calls on Feb. 3 and Feb. 4 that her son “better not say anything stupid.” He also allegedly asked where in the jail system Banas was being housed.

    Banas, part of the South Bay family at the center of the area’s surf-turf wars, and Copeland were charged for the April 17 burglary and attack of Rick Wood at his home in the 1500 block of Hermosa Avenue.

    At a preliminary hearing in September, Wood said he saw Banas, who he knew because his son played Little League with Banas’ brother, earlier that day when Banas came to his door asking for Wood’s son.

    Wood told Banas his son was out of town and Banas left, then returned sometime later with a man Wood said resembled Copeland.

    The two swung open his door and Wood backed up and grabbed a chair. He and Banas grappled over the chair and Copeland allegedly came up to his right side and stabbed him with a knife.

    Most of the rest of the incident was “sketchy” in Wood’s mind, but he did remember Banas stabbing at him across the dining room table with the sword. Wood’s neighbor testified that one of his three collector samurai swords from Japan was missing when he came home that day.

  • cononsense

    This is article is stupid; I know, because I once thought about writing something similar, but then I thought: how stupid! Would I want 20 or 50 people showing up at the place I usually surf with a retaliatory agenda? Think about it… If you want to surf there, do it, but don’t be an asshole about it!

    PS – I am not from PV, and I was going to surf there this weekend, but now I’m not because of this article. That is LAME.

  • Jeff Byrnes

    Based on that ridiculous rant the only thing I can conclude about you is that your reading comprehension sucks, you think you rip and charge harder than anyone (especially if their opinions differ from yours), and that crowds part like the Red Sea when you tap your stick on the shoreline.

    Yeah, I’m really advocating for extreme localism on here.

    Sad that most people use the internet to show the world how inane, irrational, and immature they are.

    BTW, I’m in Hawaii. It’s been pumping here all winter. Not exactly keen on hopping a plane back to shitty waves, shittier attitudes, and a circus. But have fun all the same.

  • Jeff Byrnes

    Awesome. Another guy responding to comments he hasn’t read.

    99.9% of the time I surf anywhere I show up alone. I doubt you could match that.

    • discodisco

      nobody is reading your other comments… this is a separate thread based on my comment at the top. get off your high horse. you are attacking other people’s comments five days later and expecting them to read yours in other places–completely illogical.

      • Jeff Byrnes

        “nobody is reading your other comments…”

        I guess I must be the only one hitting the up-vote button. All 54 times.

        I owe you an apology. Your genius is staggering.

        • discodisco

          talking about myself and yaqui. dude. get a hold of yourself.

  • Anne Bagasao

    Too bad that one Cole Fiers, self-proclaimed PV Estates/Lunada Bay local felt compelled to take this message of peace from The Inertia post it on his wall then ask “Who thinks there is going to be a fight?” The thread went on, as only teen blather can, to include a comment that says “someone is going to die”. Another post by one Arian Savar (nice play on words) went on about how as Republicans the residents of PV Estates have the right to protect their land from outsiders and that if anyone wants to surf there they should go out make millions of dollars so they can surf Lunada. The whole thing is so asinine.

  • tubetime

    I personally think that localism is ok in terms of outsiders should show respect to the local surfers. But in the case of LB where the locals will physically attack people for just trying to get a wave is fucked. Cunts like this are just pussies that attack in groups because they are to weak and scared to stand up for themselves. They also tend to be shit a surfing, hence why they cant surf a line up with more than 20 people. I hope that shit like this is stopped! And people use the excuse “this is the way it has been for years, why should it change.” Well listen up you stupid fucks, why the fuck do you think that gladiators events have stopped? “That happened for years?” Well ill tell you why.. Because times change and we are no longer a bunch of neanderthals. So if you believe that it is ok to hurt someone for doing nothing other than going for a surf then you to deserve a fucking beating yourself. “treat others how you would like to be treated” FUCK VIOLENCE FROM LOCALISM

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