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Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago we sat down with Coco Ho and asked her to share her thoughts on a wide variety of topics, one being the ASP Women’s World Tour and when, if, and why it should finish up in Hawaii. Here’s what she had to say:

At the end of the day, the ASP Women’s World Tour  needs events in better waves, and that’s what the ASP’s new CEO, Paul Speaker, says he plans to accomplish. We don’t care if we have just seven events, if they’re all in perfect waves. The better the waves are, the better the results will be for women’s surfing. As for the Women’s Tour finishing up in Hawaii, here are five reasons I think women’s surfing needs to finish in Hawaii.

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  • Sebastian

    Right on – I couldn’t agree more!

  • Steven Flores

    I had the chance to live on Oahu for two year’s. . . the N.Shore. . . . Women have made a lot of progress in the world of Sports. . . Ms. Ho your opinion is respected. . . I met Bethany down at Bowels. . . since then I’ve become a Sport Psychology Consultant, dam that was a lot of work (school), what made it fun was the real experience. . . keep FOCUSED/BALANCED and careful with the marketers’. . .

  • Ada Lovelace

    Ever since I picked up surfing a few months ago I’ve notice a huge gap between how male and female athletes are treated in this sport. When the media interviews a player from the US Women’s Soccer team she is respected and her input is valued. Same goes for women in other sports, like basketball swimming, cycling, running, martial arts, etc. But in surfing I regularly hear comments like “when you see Clarissa Moore surf, it doesn’t seem like you’re watching a female surfer. You’re just watching a good surfer”. This kind of comment do not show up in other sports, so why do we still hear thir nonsense?

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