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The footage for the film was shot towards the end of Denali’s days, and it was truly magical to revisit the surf breaks and climbing areas he and I had shared over the past 14-plus years. Throughout Denali’s life, he constantly reminded me of the importance of being in nature.

Photo: Courtesy of Ben Moon

Photo: Courtesy of Ben Moon

He was never that stoked on being in the city but would truly come to life while on the beach or at the crag.

Screenshot: Felt Soul Media

Screenshot: Felt Soul Media

I had asked Denali to please stick around for the month we were filming, as this project meant so much to me, and true to the connection we shared, he kept that promise nearly to the hour. Denali passed away just days after we wrapped the production.

Screenshot: Felt Soul Media

Screenshot: Felt Soul Media

This was an extremely personal story for me to share, but working with my close friends Ben Knight and Skip Armstrong on the piece allowed for me to really open up and be truly vulnerable. I am so grateful for the talent and heart they put into making this piece come to life. It was a true collaboration and I feel like our friendship shines through in the final piece.

Screenshot: Felt Soul Media

Screenshot: Felt Soul Media

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  • trey

    This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever watched. Love is the purpose of life.

    • Louise9563

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    • Louise9563

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  • Michiel Rotgans

    After seeing this I hugged my dog for an hour.

  • Phil Beenham

    Thankyou for sharing this amazing and profoundly moving story! Best wishes to my dog loving freind, i hope the pain lessens day by day but the memories never fade. My dog just stole and eat a whole loaf of bread, i wanted to be angry but i can’t, like you say there are bigger things to think about and love conquers all.

  • Ugene Nel

    Aaaahhh man! This brings back sooo many memories of my dearest Dog friend – Bundu – who passed away almost a year ago – also due to cancer. He also shared so many awesome adventures and times with me. I hope they meet in another cool and awesome special place to continue the adventure with so many other special friends. Thanks for sharing this amazing video. The memories are all so special. Strength!

  • disqus_Bzb71mD5xy

    wish people used youtube. vimeo takes forever in other less internet-rich countries. 🙁

  • Sean Clark

    Beautiful, makes me stop and think of my boy Enzo and the days at the beach together we shared. Thank you

  • Bendrite

    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful and me so grateful for my dog coming into my life and what adventures we have had. Again thanks and sorry for your loss.

  • Elie-Charles Youssef

    Can’t wait to go home to my dog

  • Yvette Lomolita

    From one photographer to another… this is the best short I have seen… EVER! Now I’ll go recover such beauty such soul <3

  • Barbara Fickes

    Absolutely beautiful. This is what love looks like. 🙂

  • Louie Loise Tuten Olsen

    A few months ago, I had to say Goodbye to my 18 yr old dog for he had cancer as well, as I held him at home and watch him take his last breath through the blurry tears falling from my eyes. I prepared myself for this moment, but I still felt my heart and soul ripping away as I hugged him to me. He knew he was very loved and very well taken care of. 18 years is a long time to have your Shadow by your side. I love you “Nanuk” AKA “Puppy”. I will miss you and remember everything about you. Thank You for always for being there.

    Sorry for your loss, and Thank You for sharing your story. So Beautiful.

    • gloriameas

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    • Blake Barrilleaux

      Amazing how 18 yrs of love can be distilled into days of sorrow as dense as a neutron star. It’s the trade-off of unconditional love.

  • Maura Gramzinski

    Thank you. That was beautiful.

  • Kim Kreem

    Hit right to my soul. Thank you Ben for sharing Denali

  • This is beyond beautiful! <3

  • Alex

    GAHH so sad!

  • jaqfin

    This was so beautiful and amazing, a fabulous tribute to Denali and your friendship with him. Thanks so much for sharing with us and I am deeply sorry for your loss.

  • Ashley Dempsey

    2 hours later still crying… God bless you and your puppy!

  • Leroy Hall

    This video made me cry. I cried each of the 3 times I watched it. Well done, and thank you Ben. Thank you for sharing Denali with us

  • Ben that was amazing! Bravo! Thank you so much for making and sharing that story with us. I think many can relate to your story, but they way you told it touched my heart and fed my sole. I thank you…

  • David Deioma

    Denali took the cancer away…

  • Sonia Saiz

    Thank you for the inspiration. Tears flowing. You were a great Dad.

  • Ken

    Emotions weighing heavy after watching your video Ben… Few days ago, my beloved Logan whom is 12yo was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Her condition is acute, showing all signs of this degenerative disease, lethargic, loss of apatite, weight loss, labored breathing and coughing. It happen so suddenly and within the past few days her condition has gotten worse even with medication the vet prescribed. Mentally I’m preparing myself even though our bond has been so tight nit, life will be void for awhile after she has perished and our memories together will always be permanently etched in our souls. Thank you for sharing your last moments with your beloved companion Denali…

  • Vanessa Faye Wäfler

    I watch the video 2 times on a day.. I don’t know exactly why but the story of you two is the most beautiful I’ve ever heard or seen! I’m writing on this piece since 2 minutes because I can’t write without crying.. I’m crying because it’s sad but I’m also crying because it’s beautiful; Denali wasn’t just a dog for you, Denali was your life and that’s what I call love. My chest is still going wild.. Much love to you and Denali – I hope he likes be with angels now, I’m blessed for this video!

  • Lou Daubney

    this is just magic, thank you for sharing it xx

  • Alice-Corina B.

    This is the best “definition” for Unconditional Love …
    Denali and you, lived the most beautiful bond, and I am sure that not many can have this.
    Love is everything …

    And you are blessed: Denali gave you what you needed most!

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