Alan “Stokesy” Stokes a British professional surfer with a fitting name to boot. Stoker is perpetually stoked out on surfing big time. His focus and drive to push his own performance both successfully in the competitive surfing arena and more recently with his free surfing creativeness have seen him gain a reputation as one of Europe’s best. Alan says ‘’I’m always looking to connect with a waves energy somehow, a turn in the right place a faultless weightless air or just a flowing down the line high trim, I’m looking for something that will stick in my memory and keep this fire burning. Every wave is different, a blank canvas, the lines we draw on them and the surfing approach we take on a wave can mean nothing at all or everything to you it just depends how you want to look at it, how you want to feel about it, for me its more than just physical prowess on a wave, its a feeling a deeply rooted spiritual connection that i cherish with the environment, when you connect with that energy everything else fades away."

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