My name is Andy Bowlin and I grew up on the Central Coast of California surfing, fishing, and being outdoors. I first started messing around with photography in High School documenting my friends surfing, skating, camping, and whatever else we were getting into at that time. I later went on to graduate college from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a bachelors in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Administration and a minor in Photography. Photography has always fascinated me. I love the ability to freeze time and reflect years later to creating pieces of art to hang on the wall. I love how there is no wrong answer just and expression with interpretation. I love it so much I recently opened an art gallery in Cayucos, California called Green Room Gallery. It reflects my passions for art and the ocean in many mediums. I am always striving for the next image to be better than the last. Always looking for new angles and lighting conditions. My favorite images always make me stop for a second and say "whoa". I hope my images do the same for others. Words of wisdom: Always keep your eye on the sun, it waits for no one.... For more photos check follow my instagram @andybowlin

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