Hi there. I'm Anna, and storytelling is my jam. Here's one for you: Ten years ago I fell off a treadmill in explosive fashion in the middle of a packed gym. What made the fall so epic was that I caught myself on my way down, holding onto the base of the handrails for a good 10 seconds before I eventually flew into the elliptical machine behind me. You know what I was thinking, while I was flopping around like a fallen water-skier too stubborn to let go of the rope, looking up at my friend on the treadmill next to me and seeing only horror on her face? This is going to make such a great story. Everywhere I go, I see stories. I love the sunrise because it tells the story of a chance to start fresh every single day. I love the ocean because in its ebb and flow it tells the story of give and take, of good days and bad days. I love being on the river because it tells the story of finding your way, sometimes slowly and sometimes furiously, but always moving forward. Nature is always telling a story, which is why you'll find me there as often as possible. Also, there are no treadmills in nature, which bodes well for me. I currently live in Sacramento, California with my husband and two sons. I'm an enthusiastic but mediocre triathlete, a recent convert to stand-up paddleboarding, and a yogi who likes it hot. Last year I competed in one race every month, and I'm currently training for the 2016 Big Sur Marathon. The miles that I've logged over trails and through water have been some of the favorite chapters in my story so far. See you outside.

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